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British forces took part in the operation, which was authorised by Prime Minister David Cameron. Bravo Brits..


NATO special forces rescued two foreign women and killed five kidnappers in a “breath-taking” pre-dawn raid on Saturday on a cave in Afghanistan‘s remote and mountainous Badakhshan province.

The women, who worked for Swiss-based charity Medair, were named as Briton Helen Johnston, 28, and Kenyan Moragwe Oirere, 26. Two Afghan colleagues kidnapped with them on May 22 were also freed unharmed.

All are well, Afghan officials told AFP.

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Fuck the Swiss. Their only purpose on this planet, is to hide money..

..They can take┬átheir┬áchocolate and cheeses and stuff ’em up their Swiss asses. Most, if not all of that crap, smells like it came from their asses, to begin with..

Reuters: Bush’s Swiss visit off after complaints on torture

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Lemme’ see now. Name of a Charles Bronson movie. What is Death Wish, Alex?

Breitbart/AFP: Swiss whistleblower to give bank data to WikiLeaks

Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer is planning to handover to WikiLeaks two CDs containing data of around 2,000 bank clients who may have been evading taxes, according to an interview published Sunday.

According to Elmer, the clients listed on the two discs include multimillionaires, multinationals and hedge funds from several countries, including Switzerland,the United States, Germany and Britain.

The data also implicate around 40 politicians.


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