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Yep, it is, I have one. Bought it a couple of years ago..

By Richard Johnson of

The best value in handguns for sale today is the Smith & Wesson SD40. I know that is a bold statement, and many of you will balk at such an absolute proclamation. Keep reading the review and let me explain…

The Smith & Wesson SD40 is a striker-fired, polymer framed pistol that falls between the Sigma and M&P lines of handguns in terms of price and features. While S&W publicly states the SD line is a completely separate entity from their other lines, the SD40 definitely shares some of the parts and features of the Sigma and M&P series.

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Works as your first BUG, or concealed carry option. Guns & Patriots..


Richard L. Johnson


Video at link..

My first Glock 26 was a backup gun (BUG) that I bought back in 1998. At that time, I worked for a suburban-Atlanta police department and carried the full size Glock 17 as an issued duty pistol.

The Glock 26 was a perfect backup to my 17.  It shot nearly identically to the 17, and the magazines from the big gun would work in the small one. Both features I found to be very beneficial in a backup gun.

Fast forward nearly 15 years and I find myself with a new department and a new Glock 26.  Essentially, the job’s the same, but the Glock is a new version of my old BUG.

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Too Hot to Carry? No!

 Here are 10 Lightweight Carry Guns 



by  Mike Piccione 


It’s hot. It’s 100 degrees over a large portion of the country and that means you probably wont’ be wearing a lot of clothes. Since concealed carry means your gun will be out of sight you won’t have much clothing to cover up your great equalizer.  

For many years I’ve been asking people about their concealed carry guns. Many folks switch up their arms depending on what they wear. Here are ten lightweight carry guns that are easy to conceal.

The criteria for this list are guns less than 15 ounces and 5.5” in length – easy enough to fit inside the waist band and cover with a t-shirt. The caliber had to be a minimum of .32 auto so you won’t see your favorite gun here if it’s a .22 or .25.

1. Kel-Tec P-32, 6.6 Ounce .32 

This is one of the lightest handguns made and one of the early synthetic framed non-Glock guns. I got mine when they first were offered for sale and attached the clip to the receiver so it fits easily in any pocket and doesn’t require a holster. Mine is reliable but when I shoot it I empty the magazine and it (knock on wood) never jams. Why do I always empty the magazine? Because it’s a .32 auto, and while I have confidence in the gun I don’t have a lot of faith in the stopping power of a .32 – so I assume I will need follow up shots. 
Manufacturer:  Kel-Tec, weight 6.6 ounces, length 5.1 inches, width .75 inch and has a 7+1 capacity. This is a double action only semi-automatic and the suggested retail price starts at $318 and works its way up to $377 depending on the finish.


2. Kel-Tec P-3AT, 8.3 Ounce .380

This gun was developed because of the success of the P-32 and the caliber increases to .380 without much increase in size.  One note to shooters is that this gun has some kick to it.
Manufacturer: Kel-Tec, weight 8.3 ounces, length 5.2 inches, width .77 inch and has a 6+1 capcity. This gun is a double action only semi-automatic and the suggested retail price starts at $318 and like its little brother, the P-32 tops out at $377.


3. Ruger LCP, 9.4 Ounce .380

Ruger firearms need no introduction and when the LCP came out it was an instant success. Gun writers were flooded with requests for reviews and gun shops were backordered for months. The LCP weighs in about an ounce heavier than the Kel-Tec P-3AT and the other measurements are so close it is hard to find a difference in practical terms.

Manufacturer: Sturm, Ruger & Company, weight 9.4 ounces, length 5.16 inches, width .82 inch and has a 6+1 capacity. This is a double action only semi-automatic and the suggested retail price is $373. The LCP-CT wears the Crimson Trace Laserguard, a laser sighting system, built into the grips for $548 while only adding .6 ounce to the weight.


4. Kahr P-380, 9.97 Ounce .380

Kahr Arms are designed for concealed carry, drop dead dependable and ergonomically well engineered. Like the Kel-Tec P-3AT and the Ruger LCP the Kahr P-380 is a locked breech, double action only pistol chambered for .380. 

Manufacturer: Kahr Arms, weight 9.97 ounces, length 4.9 inches, width .75 inches and has a 6+1 capacity. This is a double action only semi-automatic and the suggested retail price is $649. 


5 & 6. Seecamp LWS .32 & LWS .380, 11.5 Ounce .32 or .380

These are the first all steel guns on the list compared to the previous firearms that offer synthetic/nylon/polymer frames. The size of the LWS .32 and the LWS .380 are nearly identical varying in only hundredths of an inch in size or hundredths of an ounce in weight.

Seecamp came out with the LWS .32 in 1985 revolutionizing the pocket pistol market. When they beginning selling the LWS .380 in 2003 the only problem Seecamp had was keeping up with demand.

Manufacturer:  L. W. Seecamp Co. Inc. caliber .32/380, weight  11.5/11.45 ounces, length 4.25/4.25 inches, width .86/.91 (grip width at widest point) and both pistols have a 6+1 capacity. Each gun is a double action only model using a blowback design. Suggested price LWS .32 is $446 and the LWS .380 is $795. California compliant LWS .32’s are $525 and the CA compliant .380 is not yet available. 


7 & 8. MasterPiece Arms MPA32 & MPA 380 11.8 Ounce .32 or .380

These little gems are machined out of solid blocks of steel and produced and assembled in the USA. You may not be familiar with MasterPiece Arms, a Georgia company, but you should be because of their state-of-the-art manufacturing.  At 4.37 inches long they are one of the shortest pocket pistols on the market.
Manufacturer:  MasterPiece Arms Inc. caliber .32 or .380, measurements are for both calibers – weight 11.8 ounces, length 4.37 inches and have a capacity of 6+1 in .32 and 5+1 in .380. Both guns are double action only semi-automatics and have a suggested price of $322.


9. Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 11.85 Ounce .380

Smith & Wesson is another brand that needs no introduction, but you may not be familiar with the Bodyguard. It’s an odd looking handgun, it has a lot of levers, but they are recessed to prevent snagging when drawn and the front end looks heavy. That’s because there is a built in laser sighting system standard with this gun.
Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson, caliber .380, weight 11.85 ounces, length 5.25 inches, polymer frame, it is double action only and has a 6+1 capacity. It has a suggested retail price of $399.


10. NAA Guardian 13.5 Ounce .32

If you have ever held an NAA Guardian you will remember it for its solid feel. These are all steel and have enough grip to accommodate a larger hand. If you are a person that is recoil shy, then you will like this gun because with it’s weight, and shooting the .32, there is virtually no felt recoil. There is a .380 available and you add 5 ounces of weight to the gun in this caliber.

Manufacturer: North American Arms, caliber .32, weight 13.5 ounces, length 4.4 inches, width .85 inches. This is an all steel double action only gun with a 6+1 capacity. Suggested retail price is $402.



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Guns & Patriots SD40 Review..

The Smith and Wesson SD40

Want to know what is the best value in a defensive handgun?  Take a look at the Smith & Wesson SD40 pistol.  It is a very reliable handgun that fits well in the hand and offers many of the features professionals look for.  The real bonus is the street price on this gun is less than $400.

Full review at link..


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