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Four MORE Americans die, because of two Alinsky students LIES! Neither was and are still NOT ready/able to answer that 3:00 am phone call..

STATE DEPARTMENT EMAILS obtained by Fox News again challenge Obama administration claims they were in the dark about deadly Sept. 11 terror attack on consulate in Benghazi, Libya — including one email within hours of attack that specifically points to Al Qaeda-affiliated terror Ansar al Sharia claiming responsibility.

“It’s 3:00am and your children are asleep,” the voice over says. “There’s a phone in the White House, and it’s ringing. Something is happening in the world. Your vote will decide who answers that call.”
“Whether someone knows the world’s leaders, knows the military, someone tested and ready to lead. It’s 3am and your children are safe and asleep. Who do you want answering the phone?”


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You will have to pardon my bigotry BUT, the sooner we get these carpet users the hell out of the U.S.A., the better. AND I don’t care how, just as with those Black Racists, get’em outta’ here!

Kansas Gov Signs Bill Banning Foreign Law

Muslim group promises appeal after Gov. Brownback signs bill seen by some to be an attack on Sharia Law..

Brownback’s office notified the state Senate of his decision Friday, but he actually signed the measure Monday. The governor’s spokeswoman, Sherriene Jones-Sontag, said in a statement that the bill “makes it clear that Kansas courts will rely exclusively on the laws of our state and our nation when deciding cases and will not consider the laws of foreign jurisdictions.”

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Until WE have the second coming of Charles Martel, this crap ain’t gonna’ stop!

25 minutes ago (Reuters) via Breitbart

The Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations welcomed the ruling, calling it “a victory for the Constitution and for the right of all Americans to freely practice their faith.”

Oklahoma’s “Save Our State Amendment,” which was approved by 70 percent of state voters in 2010, bars Oklahoma state courts from considering or using Sharia law.

The lawsuit challenging the measure was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Awad, who is director of the Oklahoma chapter of CAIR.

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Amnesty International said: That’s “torture”. How about sentencing this animal to life (for however long) in a Mexican prison, AI?

Iran Postpones Sentence Of Blinding a Man With Acid   via Fox News

Iran wanted to blind this animal..”retribution”

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All I can say or think is, to bad, so sad. Next Item..

Instapundit: BARBARIANS: Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death.

IF and WHEN the civilized part of the world, should there be one, gets fed up with this fanatical Islamist cult and crushes them to a fine powder, then call me.

Mouthing words OR typing words, ain’t gonna’ get this done and for THAT, I am sorry..

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Protest my ass, it will be a “state dinner”..

Report: Radical Muslim Cleric Planning WH Protest

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Friggin’ Unreal..

The Blaze..Stimulus for Sharia?

In addition to the billions of dollars the Obama administration has set aside for various Islamic initiatives, the Associated Press notes that at least $6 million more of your tax dollars are being spent to restore mosques and minarets in the Muslim world this year:

WASHINGTON — The good will tour of the Middle East by the imam behind the proposed mosque near ground zero is just part of the U.S. government’s efforts to reach out to the Muslim world.

This year, the Obama administration will spend nearly $6 million to restore 63 historic and cultural sites, including mosques and minarets, in 55 nations, according to State Department documents.

Under a program established by Congress in 2001, the department will fund at least five projects in as many countries at a cost of more than $271,000.

The contributions include $76,135 for the 16th century Grand Mosque in Tongxin, China, and $67,500 for the 18th century Golden Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan. An additional $62,169 will be spent on restoring a 19th century minaret in Mauritania’s ancient city of Tichitt; $50,437 for the Sundarwala Burj, a 16th century Islamic Monument in New Delhi, and $15,450 to restore the 18th century Gobarau Minaret in Katsina, Nigeria.

From the AP link, we have this gem:

“The fund has demonstrated America’s respect for the world’s cultural heritage,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said last month in announcing the 2010 projects. “Cultural heritage serves as a reminder of historical experiences and achievements of humanity. Ancient structures and objects offer important lessons for us today.”

Will anyone ask this administration as to WHY?

Will anyone ask this administration how many “cultural heritage” restorations of temples, synagogues, Catholic  cathedrals and/or churches of the Protestant religion, have been restored?

Will anyone ask since this “program established by Congress in 2001”, if ANY of the above “cultural heritage”  projects would be allowed funding, IN the U.S., or is this forbidden by “separation of church and state”?

Will anyone ask this administration if it IS forbidden in the U.S., why are WE doing historic and cultural site restoration, period? Hillary Clinton’s words are bullshit IMHO.

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