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Shirley You Jest..


Obama Beats Romney as Better for Middle-Income Americans

PRINCETON, NJ — More Americans believe middle-income earners would be better off in four years if President Barack Obama is re-elected than if Mitt Romney wins, by 53% to 43%. The public also says lower-income Americans would be better off under an Obama presidency, while, by an even larger margin, they say upper-income Americans would do better under Romney.

Candidate Seen as Better for Various Groups, September 2012


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Dhimmitude ! What else CAN IT BE ? a neologism borrowed from the French language. It is derived by adding the productive suffix -tude to the Arabic adjective dhimmi, which literally means protected and historically refers to a non-Muslim subject of a Muslim state.

There are several distinct variations, depending on the author. The original neologism as introduced by Bat Ye’or refers to ill treatment and subjugation of non-Muslims by Muslims.


Poll: Obama 48, Romney 43  

Michigan: Obama 47, Romney 37



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Uhh simmons, meet Deroy Murdock..

Substance and Style 

 Ryan is ideally suited to battle the Left on Medicare, a battle they surely will try to turn into Gettysburg 2012. They will accuse Romney and Ryan of wanting to gut Medicare, unplug sick seniors from their intravenous drips, and force them to dehydrate in the sun-drenched parking lots of eldercare centers across America. In the most vile, despicable, and revolting political ad since Lyndon Johnson notoriously intimated that Barry Goldwater would kill a flower-picking little girl in a thermonuclear exchange, liberals showed a Ryan-like congressman hurling an old lady from her wheelchair into a ravine, surely to her death. Democrats likely are crafting commercials that will make the throw-Granny-off-a-cliff spot look like Ryan’s family album.

Wise up and learn..Read on..

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I am wondering if Jonathan Alter or as he stated..

..”PEOPLE WILL DIE IN THE UNITED STATES’ IF MITT ROMNEY IS ELECTED PRESIDENT” is being prophetic, in this upcoming election?

You know, something similar to these voting assistants:

Or these:

Or this: Mr. Steelworker (had to be union) “Romney killed my wife”

Haven’t these types been effective in getting off scot-free with obama and holder in charge? Couldn’t these types, take things to the next level? It’s not like they were punished, with this regime in place, what do they have to lose IF this regime is re-elected?

Is this what you mean, Jonathan Alter?

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Sweetcakes, you wouldn’t be allowed to wash ANY Fox News female’s THONG..



CNN doesn’t even tell its viewers that Romney isn’t required to release any of his tax returns. CNN doesn’t even float the fourth and most likely reason for Romney choosing not to hand over thousands of pages of oppo-research to his enemies in the media and Obama — that maybe, just maybe, the Obama team has proven itself so dishonest during this campaign that handing a four-foot high stack of documents to desperate class warfare demagogues is nothing short of suicide.

Again, this is THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS perfectly parroting Obama’s talking points and lying through omission.

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For Christ Sakes Axlerod, Rahm was better at this stuff then you will ever be and he’s only got 9 whole digits!

FactCheck: You’re all wet 44

The president’s campaign fails to back up its claims that Romney ‘shipped jobs’ overseas

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Stunner, ain’t she? Umm, like a TASER. Christ, she almost makes Ruth Bader Ginsburg, uhh, look good..


“We ran clips of Mitt Romney in Cornwall, Pennsylvania, talking about his trip to WaWa. Well, the RNC and the campaign both reached out to us saying that Romney had more to say about that visit — about federal bureaucracy and innovation in the private sector. We didn’t get a chance to play that, so here it is now.”  by JOHN NOLTE

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The Prick-ly leader..

Wall Street Journal: The President’s Hit List

Those are some ugly details that our Kimberley Strassel has been turning up about the effort to smear Mitt Romney‘s campaign donors. The dirt-digging exercise reflects the character of President Obama’s re-election campaign, as well as what’s really behind the drive for more “transparency” in political donations.

As Ms. Strassel has reported in recent columns, Idaho businessman Frank VanderSloot has become the target of a smear campaign since it was disclosed earlier this year that he had donated $1 million to a super PAC supporting Mr. Romney. President Obama’s campaign website teed him up in April as one of eight “less than reputable” Romney donors and a “bitter foe of the gay rights movement.” One sin: His wife donated to an anti-gay-marriage campaign, of the kind that have passed in 30 or so states.

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