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Don’t beat yourself up, Lovitz. This bozo, sold everyone with smoke and mirrors..

Jon Lovitz


“I believed in him, I agreed with everything he was saying when he ran for president, I was listening to what he said, I thought this guy thinks like me and I agree with him. And now he’s changing.”“This whole idea of this 1 percent versus the 99 percent, it’s a false static,” said Lovitz, adding that Obama was “creating a false class warfare” with his policies and rhetoric.

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As “the Left” always see things. Eyes, ears and minds closed to reality. Mouths wide open, spewing hatred and vitriol..I repeat myself..

How the Left Sees the Union Crisis in Madison

via Pajamas Media..

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The Schism of American Politics and Mental Illness..

..that has been going on, for at least 10-15 years, maybe longer AND the completely unbalanced, unhinged mind of a 22 year old, steeped in this atmosphere of this heated rhetoric, has lead this nation to the brink of total disaster.

We The People, cannot catch, nor can we stop, those mentally malformed, BUT we the people can stop this hostile political discourse.

The media played its part, left and right played its part, bloggers (myself included) and most certainly our politicians, played played (stutter much?) their part and now it must stop. What occurred today in Tuscon Arizona, will only be  the beginning.

This did not happen because a Black man was elected to office. The two White men before him, aided by those mentioned above had the same hateful and divisive rhetoric heaped on them.

The dreadful actions of today, just may put our nation in the same boat of warring African nations, or the Pakistani’s, or the Afghani’s, or the Iraqi’s, or the Taliban/al-Qaeda monsters.

I am sickened for what happened yesterday. It. Must. Stop.

The report is, that the 9 year old girl that died yesterday, was born 9/11/01. Think about it!

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