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Golly, does this mean all of ’em will have NO JOBS? How proud they must be, huh? Update: Guess that answers the work thingy question, huh?


(Reuters) – Hostess Brands Inc, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, said it will ask a bankruptcy judge for permission to liquidate after failing to obtain wage and benefit cuts from thousands of its bakery workers.

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This doesn’t look good, does it Obama? We know you’re watching. Say, is that a mosque in the background?



AS HURRICANE SANDY PICKS UP SPEED, forecasters say it could slam into New Jersey as early as 6 p.m. ET, as millions living along the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut coasts await evening high tide that could bring an 11-foot surge of sea water. U.S. Route 30 heading to Atlantic City, N.J., shown above, is already flooded.


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This #44 administration is undoubtedly the best administration that has ever been put into power, by the God Damn idiots that PUT IT IN POWER. Sad and disgusting to see and read, on the eve of July 4th..

Egypt’s New Leaders Spark Outrage
In US With Calls to Release Terrorist


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Umm, does anyone see the likelihood of an “October Surprise”, for reelection purposes? I do. That “Surprise” just may happen earlier, you know the line, ‘I Did This’..

Jeff Mason / Reuters:
Obama Pledges No More Wars Unless ‘Absolutely Necessary’


Iranian general seems to confirm troops are in Syria in interview ……/iranian-general-seems-to-confirm-troops-are-i…
4 hours ago – Iran general seems to accidentally confirm Iranforces are backing  from Tehran to Syria to assist the Assad regime’s crackdown against the 

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Just because I was carrying a gun and my 7th offense. Where is your heart, huh?

 “I’m here for the woman who stole a bottle of vitamins, the woman who stole a jar of Vaseline or a pair of underwear,” said former inmate Kelly Turner, referring to those she said were jailed for minor offenses like her own, which landed her in prison for 13 years.

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Obama to Occupy Wall St. Protesters: “You are the reason I ran for office.”

White House locked down after smoke bomb tossed

(Reuters) – The White House was locked down on Tuesday night as authorities investigated what appeared to be a smoke bomb that was tossed over the fence of the White House compound, a Secret Service spokesman said.

The device was tossed over the fence at one point when about

1,000 to 1,500 “Occupy DC” protesters were demonstrating outside the White House, Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie said.

He said authorities were taking “appropriate measures to clear it.” He also said that a majority of the protesters had left the area and that there had been no arrests.

President Barack Obama and wife Michelle had gone out to dinner and were not at the White House when the device was thrown over the fence but returned while the investigation was underway.

Members of the White House press pool were prevented from leaving the grounds.

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Until WE have the second coming of Charles Martel, this crap ain’t gonna’ stop!

25 minutes ago (Reuters) via Breitbart

The Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations welcomed the ruling, calling it “a victory for the Constitution and for the right of all Americans to freely practice their faith.”

Oklahoma’s “Save Our State Amendment,” which was approved by 70 percent of state voters in 2010, bars Oklahoma state courts from considering or using Sharia law.

The lawsuit challenging the measure was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Awad, who is director of the Oklahoma chapter of CAIR.

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The Great Cosby. Now You Know Why Fatherhood Lowers Testosterone..

33 minutes ago (Reuters)

“On the contrary, the men who started with high testosterone were more likely to become fathers, but once they did, their testosterone went down substantially.”




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