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Any Questions! The DUDE is REAL. Excuse me, Honorable Dude..


Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans,  I have spent the last day recovering from my Saturday half-marathon- the last one of the season.  I truly enjoy being out with fellow South Floridians who know their health is a personal matter and also run to support causes for those not as fortunate as this is the essence of being an American!

I suppose that is why I reject the assertion of government dictating edicts of “shared sacrifice” and “fair share” as they are not in a position to be the arbiters of fairness. Americans believe in equality of opportunity and shun the premise of a bureaucratic nanny-state promoting a policy of equality of achievement.

That is why I was absolutely appalled at the horrific Fiscal Year 2013 budget proposal from President Barack Obama released last week. His budget vision does nothing to promote and enhance the American dream of opportunity. What his budget does is endanger the promise that all of us want for our children and grandchildren — fiscal security.

The President’s budget brings about $47 trillion of new Federal Government spending over the next 10 years. It will increase our federal debt to $25.9 trillion by the end of Fiscal Year 2022. It means that we shall have added $10.6 trillion in new debt, resulting in debt payments alone of $5.7 trillion in Fiscal Year 2013-2022.

In the immediate term,  President Obama is asking for $3.8 trillion in government spending for Fiscal Year 2013, $1.9 trillion in higher taxes, and $1.1 trillion in debt held by the American citizen.  This totals $48,000 for each and every one of us in America.  By year’s end, America will be in debt to the tune of $16.3 trillion, equating to a debt to GDP ratio of 106.2%.

Now, I know there are people who are reading this update who will always defend the President’s policies, but I challenge any of you to defend this clear and present danger to the future of the American Republic.  This is not an “economy that is built to last” this is an “economic vision that is built to destroy” any chance for our children to have the highest quality American standard of living.

The politics of demagoguery dividing America will only hasten our eventual demise. The Keynesian economic philosophy of tax and spend of which President Obama and other liberal progressives subscribe will not lift us to  new economic heights. We are crushing hardworking American taxpayers and retarding the incentive for Americans to strive for a better life.

The indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of the American innovator and worker must be unleashed with tax, regulatory, monetary, and fiscal policies that enable investment and ingenuity. It is intellectually dishonest to compare personal income tax rates to capital gains tax rates to justify raising capital gains from 15 percent to 30 percent. The resulting effect on investment in America will be catastrophic. Government has no responsibility to select the winners and the losers by manipulating tax policy, and certainly should not be funneling taxpayer funds to political cronies for its own ideological agenda.

President Obama stated  by the end of his first term, he would cut the deficit in half.  We are instead on our fourth straight year of trillion dollar plus deficits: $1.42 trillion, $1.29 trillion, $1.3 trillion, and an estimated $1.3 trillion for this year.  Please, don’t tell me about what was “inherited.” Continual excuses are indicative of a person who takes no responsibility for his actions.

Payroll tax cut? Please America, see this for the politicized gimmick it really is and do not allow yourself to be bribed over a short term $40.  We are destroying Social Security as well as American homeowners who will be seeing a $9,000-$10,000 increase in loan guarantee fees to fund this one-year extension.

Lastly, as we hear testimony from our military on the Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization (NDA), all I can think about is the volatility across the world. Here we are in economic straits and we send $1.2 billion in aid to a Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt now  holding 19 Americans hostage. Their sheer gall of declaring a threat to our ally, Israel, if we cut off aid, makes my blood boil.

Reports are that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces are now operating in Syria.  Consider if we had maintained a credible American military force in Iraq as an external cordon along the borders with Syria and Iran, as well as in Kurdistan.  Would this situation be so dire?

Elections have consequences.

Steadfast and Loyal,

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Gas Can Ready Sir!

Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans.  This weekend as I was travelling back from speaking in Orlando, my wife Angela called me and conveyed the news about the death of Whitney Houston. As I continued down Florida’s turnpike, I remembered coming back from Operation Desert Shield/Storm in 1991. As we were dropping altitude to land in Philadelphia the crew played Whitney’s rendition of the National Anthem which she sang for the Super Bowl that year. There was not a dry eye on that plane, yours truly included.  Many Americans will remember Houston as the “Queen of Pop,” however I will always remember her as the voice that welcomed me back to the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” Go with God, Whitney and we shall never forget the beauty of your voice. 

Just as I returned home from that 1991 combat operation, let us not forget why some first came to these shores.  Pilgrims came to America’s shores in search for religious freedom. They sought a land where they could freely worship without persecution from a State which endeavored to promote, and even impose, its ideals on religion and doctrines. Even the State of Maryland was established as a sanctuary for Catholics. Here in America, our revered first amendment expresses that ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’

The Obama administration’s healthcare mandate is not about contraception, it is about a President and an administration that has repeatedly displayed their disregard and disrespect for the Rule of Law and the United States Constitution. The principle of Separation of Church and State is not specifically addressed in the Declaration of Independence or in the Constitution. It was codified in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury (CT) Baptist convention. Jefferson simply articulated that we shall not have a government structure in America where the Head of State is also Head of Church. Unfortunately, this lesson is obviously not understood by the self-proclaimed “constitutional lecturer” President Barack Obama.

This week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC ), the focal point of the speech I delivered was, “We still hold these truths…..the Fundamental Difference.” We are experiencing a President and administration who believe that they have no limits on their infiltration into every realm of our personal life.  This is the antithesis of what our Founding Fathers established the federal government to be. The Declaration of Independence clearly lists the grievances against the overreach of the British into the lives of the American Colonists. The principle of limited government is embodied in the U.S. Constitution as a response to that intrusion and explained in the Federalist Papers.
In 1991, I deployed to a foreign land to do what two previous generations in my family had done and to follow a legacy of men and women who had done likewise for our Republic. As I flew back home, I came to realize even more how great America is and all that it represents. Looking out the window and seeing my beloved America that day gave me such a sense of pride and honor. More than 20 years later, I still remain completely in awe of   my country.

I do not know where President Obama was in 1991 or what he was doing.  I hope he also remembers listening to Whitney Houston sing the National Anthem. I wonder if when hearing this song, he also closes his eyes and envisions Fort McHenry being shelled by the British and our Flag, the Standard of this Republic, flying.   I would hope that tears would begin to flow from his eyes, just as they did for us combat warriors on that flight in 1991.  I pray the President truly understands  the sacrifice of what it means to live in the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.”   I fear he will continue to make decisions counter to who we are and never understand the ideals of American exceptionalism or a Constitutional Republic

Elections always have consequences.  President Obama’s obtuse manner toward We, the American people, is at times, in contempt of the very essence of everything American. He is not an imperial monarch and if he continues down this road is certainly not ‘deserving’ of reelection. 

Steadfast and Loyal, 

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Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans.  As I sit here writing this, I am recovering from the soreness of running the ING Miami Half-Marathon Sunday.   I finished respectfully around 2 hrs, 7 mins and really hit a wall at 10 miles- photo here. It was great to be out with some 25,000 runners trekking across Biscayne Bay, South Beach and Miami. With my hectic Congressional schedule, it is definitely difficult to get in the long distance training runs like I once was able. I just have to face the truth, getting older and I just do not have the speed I once did!

This past week was certainly highlighted by the President’s State of the Union Address. I can actually sum it up with one simple quote: “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money”– Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America.

As I sat in the chamber of the House of Representatives taking notes on the speech, it came to my attention that President Obama seeks to bribe the American people with more largesse from the public treasury. He obviously will not recognize that these types of fiscal policies will be the detriment of our beloved Republic.  Never was there a mention in the State of the Union of our growing federal debt which for the first time since World War II is greater than our GDP. It is a debt which the President must confess responsibility for increasing under his watch. Americans can more easily accept mistakes and failure, if someone steps up and accepts responsibility. We believe in redemption as a Judeo-Christian Nation.  However, the rhetoric of divisiveness and envy is an indicator of a lack of accepting responsibility of failure.   There wasn’t any talk during his State of the Union of how we can reduce the three straight years of record setting trillion dollar plus deficits. As a basis of comparison, President George W. Bush’s largest annual deficit came in 2008 (Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were the leadership in the United States Congress) and it was $500 billion.

The President’s State of the Union also did not address the almost trillion dollar stimulus which was supposed to keep unemployment under eight percent and according to Obama Administration estimates, would currently be at 6.5 percent.   We heard nothing about the healthcare law which is falling apart, and how  the costs of our small business insurance premiums have risen.

Lastly, I noticed the President avoided the topic of Dodd-Frank in his  State of the Union, probably because one would have to admit it is killing our small financial institutions and precluding them from lending to our small business entrepreneurs.  We must return to the Glass-Steagall Act to restore financial institution responsibility.

As I entered the chamber of the House of Representative that night, I had such expectation and hope, that maybe, just maybe, the President’ sense of being an American would override his personal far left liberal ideology. Somewhere down inside I had hope that we would hear a President that understood that American exceptionalism does not come from Washington D.C., but rather it is a unique trait born into every American, and assimilated into all those who come to our shores.

I hoped that President Obama would come to accept and empower the ideal of an indomitable American will and spirit which makes us the greatest nation the world has ever known.   President Ronald Reagan recognized and embodied that American spirit and that is why a comparative analysis shows he had an average 6.4 percent GDP growth at this time in his Presidency. President Obama has a 2.4 percent GDP growth.

The Republican led House of Representatives has passed 30 pieces of job creating policy legislation. See more here.  Twenty-seven of them sit on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk. Most of these pieces of legislation directly address the challenges President Obama articulated in his State of the Union. The fact that the following day President Obama took off to several critical western states for his reelection campaign says it all.

President Obama called this speech, “An Economy Built to Last.”  I also want an economy built to last; however, not based on the foundation that President Obama says he is building on.

In closing,  the Republican Florida Primary will finally be upon us tomorrow and it is my wish that our candidates would view the movie “Gladiator.” In the scene when they first stood in the Coliseum, the character Maximus stated: “Whatever comes out of that gate, if we all fight together we shall survive.” Our Republican candidates must “together” make the moral argument to the American people of the detrimental effect of President Obama’s failed policies.  We need to let the people make the decision as to who is best to be our Gladiator to enter the arena.   Always remember, the contrast of  vision is simple.  Ask yourself,  Is America a country of equality of opportunity (Economic Freedom) or equality of achievement (Economic Dependency)?

Steadfast and Loyal,

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OOO-WEE, I like this man..Yes Sir..I got my gas can ready sir. Will follow you through hell with it, too..

“This is a battlefield that we must stand upon and we need to let president Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and my dear friend, the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, we need to let them know that Florida is not on the table. Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, and take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere else. You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.”

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Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans.

It has been a week of surprises in the GOP primary with John Huntsman and Rick Perry dropping out, a final count in Iowa giving the caucus victory to Rick Santorum, and a blowout win for former Speaker Newt Gingrich in the Palmetto State.

Speaker Gingrich’s victory is a testimony to two factors: debates matter, and people are looking for someone who will fight, both the establishment and the liberal elite media.

We all know Speaker Gingrich is quite at home on a debate stage and he truly showed that this past week. However, even in the light of character attacks, the two confrontations with reporters Juan Williams and John King elevated the Speaker to a different level.

We have had three very different candidates win the first three primary contests of this season. Quite perplexing. It is now on to Florida. Florida will be a true indicator because of its size and varying demographics, from the panhandle to the Florida Keys.

Can Speaker Gingrich maintain this new-found momentum? Can Governor Romney recapture his focus? Will Senator Santorum find a niche in Florida and remain relevant? Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. One thing is for certain, at least our GOP candidates are being fairly vetted and answering hard questions.

As far as the Oval Office, this has been one heck of a week. How many of you know President Obama cancelled the largest-ever joint military exercise with Israel? This exercise was to focus on THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), which is a fancy way of saying missile defense. This cancellation came just two days before we found out President Obama had sent a secret communiqué to Iran’s supreme leader requesting talks.

Of course, there are those who say, so what? Well, the so what is that we cancelled the missile defense exercise because we did not want to “offend” Iran. Consider the message it sends to a nation run by theocrats and a mad man whose belligerence knows no bounds.  This comes as we have been considering releasing Afghan Taliban leaders to show good faith to the Taliban in order to begin negotiations. But then again, Vice-President Joe Biden stated we are not at war with the Taliban.

A critical part of our national security, as well as our economy and job creation, is energy independence. President Obama surrendered this week to the State Department to declare the Keystone XL project is not now in the national interest. A project studied over three years needs more time to be studied? I suppose this is what you get from a President who has a history of voting “present” most of his short political career.

America  needs the Keystone XL project now, especially when we here in South Florida are watching China place oil rigs capable of drilling just 45 miles off our coast. This issue is far from over.

On Friday we hit the magic “three year number” for the Obama Administration. By the President’s own words, he stated that if he had not turned things around in three years, he would be a one-term President. However, now he is asking America to give him four more years to fundamentally change America.

I hope Americans ask some fundamental questions before making that decision:

• What was the National debt three years ago?
• What was America’s global competitiveness standing?
• How many more Americans are on the poverty rolls and on food stamps in the last three years?
• What have our deficits been the last three years?
• What was the average price for gasoline three years ago?
• What was the average price for health insurance premiums three years ago?
• What was the price of a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs three years ago?
• How many Americans have lost their jobs or careers in the last three years?

Hardworking American taxpayers and families are losing their economic freedom and individual sovereignty, which is the unmitigated truth.

Tomorrow, President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address.  It is not too late for the President to work with the House of Representatives and develop a plan of action which will restore this great Republic and promote equality of opportunity, not equality of achievement.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Legislative Update:

The House of Representatives had only one day of legislative activity this past week, on Wednesday. The House passed the “Motion of Disapproval” for the President’s requested $1.2 trillion increase to the nation’s debt ceiling. I voted to support the Disapproval of the request to increase the debt.

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The gentlemen’s newest letter..

I would like to invite you to tune in to C-SPAN 1 Monday morning at approximately 10:00 am est to watch a dynamic, bipartisan discussion I am hosting at the United States Capitol focusing on the conservative black voice in America.

You can also watch the Conservative Black Forum live on

The conservative voice in the black community remains mostly unacknowledged by politicians and the public alike.  While the conservative black voice has always existed, it is more important than ever that it be recognized and encouraged. More than 95 percent of black voters voted Democrat in the last election. I am hoping Monday’s forum will begin to shed light on how we can change this status quo.

Steadfast and Loyal,


What: Conservative Black Forum
When: Monday, January 23, 2012
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: United States Capitol, House Small Business Committee, Rayburn 2360

Panel participants:

• Tim Scott (Congressman, South Carolina)
• Jim Jordan (Congressman, Ohio)
• Michael Steele (Former RNC Chairman, Maryland)
J.C. Watts (Former Congressman, Oklahoma)
Emanuel Cleaver (Congressman and Chairman, Congressional Black Caucus, Missouri)
• Octavia Johnson (Sherriff, Roanoke, Virginia)
• William Cleveland (City Councilman, Virginia)
• Gow B. Fields (Mayor, Lakeland, Florida)
• Fred Solomon (Community Activist, Alabama)
• Cleon Bryant (Pastor, Louisiana)
• Dr. Christine Brooks (Community Activist, Washington, D.C.)
• KCarl Smith (Founder, Fredrick Douglas Republicans, Alabama)
• Dr. Karnie C. Smith, Sr. (Fredrick Douglas Republicans, Alabama)
• David Clarke, Jr. (Sheriff, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)

Topics include:

Perception vs. reality when it comes to Black Conservatism
Urban issues in the 21st Century
The black church and state
The true history of civil rights
Conservative principles in the black community
GOP outreach

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This person needs to be our President..

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, it is time again to reflect on another week and look forward to the next.

In reviewing this week, I must begin with another in a series of political gimmicks emanating from President Obama masquerading as policy. The President is actually attempting to position himself as a “government reformer” by presenting an idea to consolidate a few offices and programs in the United States Department of Commerce.

Truly the President cannot believe the American people are that gullible! The absurdity of this posturing must be patently obvious to most — well, except for those still intoxicated by the vaporous promises of “hope and change.”

Let us break down the President’s proposal, which will result in three billion dollars in savings over the next 10 years.

The day prior, the President sent a letter to Congress requesting another $1.2 trillion line of credit by raising the debt ceiling. I for one shall vote YES on the “Motion of Disapproval.” President Obama has accumulated more debt, just shy of $5 trillion, than all Presidents from President Washington to the conclusion of President Clinton’s eight years.

President Obama once called President George W. Bush “unpatriotic” for accumulating $4 trillion of debt in eight years.  One has to wonder, what does President Obama call himself?

In the past three years, President Obama has supervised budget deficits of $1.42 trillion, $1.29 trillion, and $1.3 trillion. As a comparative analysis, President George W. Bush’s highest annual deficit was in 2008, his final year (Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, Harry Reid was Senate Majority Leader) and it was $500 billion.

It seems ludicrous that President Obama would believe the American people would consider him a fiscally responsible government reformer. After all, the federal government spends $4.24 billion per DAY. President Obama crowing about a savings of $3 billion over 10 years is meaningless in the overall conversation on reducing spending.

Let us see this for what it is: another attempt for the President to attack Congress and try to convince the American public they just want to disagree with him on every point.

Mr. President, we do not just want to disagree with you, we wish you would follow the paradigm of President Bill Clinton. After the 1994 mid-term elections when the Republicans won the Majority in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, President Clinton pivoted away from a far-left liberal agenda, and worked with a Republican House and Senate. President Clinton altered his objectives, resulting in government reform, budget surpluses, a balanced budget, and welfare reform.

Instead Mr. President, you have tripled down on failed economic policies while attempting to brand House Republicans as your declared enemy in your re-election campaign.

My recommendation to President Obama: If you are serious about streamlining government, start with the 2011 GAO report that listed between $200 and $300 billion in redundant and duplicative government programs. Click here for that report.

Our small business owners, with whom I speak often, want clarity and certainty in tax policies and a reduction in the regulatory nightmare your administration has created. Taking the Small Business Administrator and making it a cabinet level position means nothing for the countless closed storefronts down here in South Florida.

Along with the concerns about the lack of a clear fiscal policy emanating from the Obama administration, we saw Standard and Poor’s downgrade nine Euro-zone countries this week. We must start to ponder what collateral effect may occur to the American financial sector in the future.

Never forget that as a community organizer, President Obama aided the 2008 financial meltdown with his efforts supporting what became the “sub-prime” mortgage crisis. Now, President Obama is not prepared for what could be another fiscal crisis coming our way. We must strengthen our economy.

Mr. President, take a page from President Clinton, and let’s work together for the best for America, rather than a personal ideological agenda which is anathema to our fundamental principles.

Lastly, after seeing and hearing much rancor in reference to the recent Marine incident I published a short statement, read here.  Today, I want to share a quote, which I believe should put this issue to rest, from President Theodore Roosevelt, on April 23, 1910, from a speech entitled, “Citizenship in a Republic.”

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Steadfast and Loyal,

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“it’s not about your color, it’s about your competence”..

West to Holder: It’s not about your color, it’s about your competence by Tina Korbe

Is Holder getting desperate?

“I think this is absolutely the last card in the deck, and that shows how weak their ground is,” West said in a phone interview. “But, what that means is they want to make white individuals afraid of continuing to put the pressure on Eric Holder because they don’t want to be seen as racist, and that is something that we have got to move beyond.”

West said Holder can’t logically assign race as a motivation behind the criticisms for his handling of Operation Fast and Furious. “What Fast and Furious has to do with is misleading the Congress and the American people about what you knew about this program, and if you did not know anything about this program, then who’s in charge of the Department of Justice?” West said. “It has nothing to do with your race — it has everything to do with competence, with your character and with your ability to lead the Department of Justice.

West said Holder’s use of race as a way to attack his critics is “the most insidious thing I ever heard.

“I grew up in the United States military and it’s not about your color, it’s about your competence, it’s about your abilities to execute a mission,” West said. “If your commanding officer turns heat on you, it’s because you have failed to achieve the mission and I think what we’re doing is we’re looking at something that was a very horrible program — this Operation Fast and Furious.”

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