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Just because I was carrying a gun and my 7th offense. Where is your heart, huh?

 “I’m here for the woman who stole a bottle of vitamins, the woman who stole a jar of Vaseline or a pair of underwear,” said former inmate Kelly Turner, referring to those she said were jailed for minor offenses like her own, which landed her in prison for 13 years.

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Fox News

Florida prosecutors are charging Cristian Fernandez as an adult in the murder of his 2-year-old brother, while an online petition is urging the state to try the boy as a juvenile.

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Does he need punishment, YES. Does he need a life sentence, NO. Does he need  psychiatric treatment,  especially after this, YES!

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“birthers”, NO! Mannings, YES! Is this place Eff’ed up enough yet?

Media tour prison where WikiLeaks suspect held   via Breitbart

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (AP)The Army opened the doors of a Kansas military prison to reporters on Thursday in an unusual attempt to combat allegations that the military has been mistreating a private accused of passing U.S. government secrets to the website WikiLeaks.

But Manning’s supporters, who see him as a whistleblower, not a traitor, say the tour would only give a sanitized glimpse at life in the military prison, not the oppressive conditions Manning has been subjected to since his arrest last year.

“This tour is an effort to relieve the pressure, but we will not let up until Manning is treated properly,” said Kevin Zeese, who operates the Bradley Manning Support Network. He said it was clear that pressure from Manning’s supporters and international observers was having an effect on President Barack Obama’s administration.

Of course, the seer of all, the Omnipotent Obama said:

Barack Obama on Bradley Manning: ‘He broke the law’! Guilty! End of story!

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You’re doin’ a damn fine job, Holder. Tickled that you saved us taxpayers, a whole bunch of money on the Black Panther thingy..

DOJ Wants In on S.C. Jail’s Bible-Only Policy Joining the ACLU.


An attorney for Sheriff Wayne DeWitt and other jail officials said she was surprised to learn of the Justice Department‘s involvement and has asked to meet with Nettles as soon as possible. Sandy Senn also said that, since June 2009, Berkeley County inmates have been allowed to receive any type of religious materials — including vampire and witchcraft texts — as long as the books are soft-sided and meet other physical requirements.

“We’ve let all sorts of material come in,” Senn said. “They can even purchase Korans and things like that from the commissary if they want.”

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via Fox News..Read if you chose.

Then if you choose, read this:

Rights of Inmates

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Corner/NRO..Unions Recruit Jailed Legislator to Their Cause

Christian Schneider, a senior fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, writes of today’s strange happenings in the Badger state:

The state public employee unions are trying to ram through their contracts before the new Governor and Legislature take over in January.  This is an unprecedented move – generally, they’re taken up months from now – but they know if they can get them through before the whole state government flips to red, they can get about $154 million in benefits Gov.-Elect Walker had promised to cut.

The vote is expected to be close, and the unions need every vote.  So they go pick up a disgraced legislator named Jeff Wood, who is SITTING IN PRISON and drive him down to the Capitol.  Wood is in jail on three separate OWI arrests within the span of a year, and lost his seat in the last election.  So the fiscal fate of the state rests in the hands of a lame duck legislator who gets a day off from jail to vote the unions better benefits.

You can read more from Chris here.

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Seinfeld Lives On..

Winter salami

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Inmate seeking kosher meals cites Festivus belief

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) – A Festivus for the rest of us? A convicted drug dealer in California thinks so. He cited his adherence to the holiday celebrated on a famous episode of “Seinfeld” to get better meals at the Orange County jail.

The Orange County Register reported Monday that Malcolm Alarmo King disliked the salami meals served at the jail, so he used his devotion to Festivus as a reason to get kosher meals reserved for inmates with religious needs.

Keeping kosher is not one of the tenets of Festivus, which was depicted on “Seinfeld” as celebrated with the airing of grievances and the display of an aluminum pole.

Sheriff’s spokesman Ryan Burris says King got salami-free meals for two months before the county got the order thrown out in court.

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Things that make your head spin concerning our nation. This little Islamic should be dead..

Lindh in U.S. custody.

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AP..John Walker Lindh seeks Indiana Federal prison prayer ruling

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – American-born Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh and another Muslim inmate have asked a judge to order a federal prison to allow them and other Muslims in their highly restricted cell block to pray as a group, in accordance with their beliefs.

The American Civil Liberties Union last Thursday filed a motion in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis for summary judgment on behalf of Lindh, 29, and Enaam Arnaout, 47, who claim that the prison’s policy restricting group prayer in the Communications Management Unit violates their religious rights. The ACLU contends there are no disputes over the facts of the case and that the law is on the inmates’ side, and asks the judge to rule in their favor.

Lindh, who is serving a 20-year sentence at the Terre Haute prison for aiding Afghanistan’s now-defunct Taliban government, wrote in a legal declaration that his religion requires him to pray five times a day, preferably in a group. “This is one of the primary obligations of Islam,” he wrote.

Praying in his cell is not appropriate, he said, because the Quran requires a ritually clean place for prayer and he is forced to kneel “in close proximity to my toilet.”


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