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The Munich Massacre  via Wikipedia

Location MunichWest Germany
Date 5–6 September 1972
4:30 AM – 12:04 AM (UTC+1)
Target Israeli Olympic team
Attack type mass murdermassacre,hostage-taking
Death(s) 17 total

Perpetrator(s) Black September


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Plus, another way to spell the name of, well, you’ll see..

Herman Cain: Barack Obama Is Not a Patriot   via Pajamas Media

So where are we? Bottom line: Obama chose Palestinians over Israelis. Obama is essentially demanding that Israel commit suicide. Netanyahu says I’m not gonna commit suicide. People say Netanyahu was rude when he refuses to commit suicide. Obama chose Palestinians over Israelis. He did it after learning that Hamas became a part of the Palestinian ruling class, the terrorist group.

Obama chose the Muslim Brotherhood over freedom when he invited them to his Cairo speech and when he endorsed the misnamed Arab Spring without reservations or conditions. We know now what’s happening in Egypt.

Obama chose lawlessness and open borders over protecting innocent citizens when he sued Arizona.

My friends, there’s a pattern here. Obama chose voter intimidation over civil rights when he chose not to prosecute the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia.

Obama chose the public sector over the private sector with his stimulus slush fund.

Obama chose socialism over the private sector when he took over two US car companies.

Obama chose a path to socialized medicine over free market solutions to health care when he signed Obamacare into law.

Obama chose true cowboyism over Congress when fighting a war on Khadafy and Libya, ignoring the War Powers Act by saying, well, we’re not really all in.

Obama chose czars over cabinet members.

He chose class warfare over prosperity when he demagogued taxing the rich over cutting out-of-control spending.

He chose politics over solutions when he failed to produce a budget or demand one from Congress.

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Well yeah Andrew, but Janet said..Never mind..

Borderline Treachery
Obama can’t mind our borders, but wants to change Israel’s.
Andrew C. McCarthy


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Hey Carney, tell your boss “the United States has that same right.” In fact Jay baby, THAT is an obligation of the government..

Obama regrets ‘loss of life’…
May 16 (Reuters) – The White House on Monday expressed regret for the loss of life in deadly clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinian protesters over the weekend but said the Jewish state had the right to protect its borders.

“We encourage maximum restraint on all sides,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One after Israeli troops killed at least 13 protesters who surged towards its frontiers with Syria, Lebanon and Gaza on Sunday.

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Hamid indicates that as well. Must be a genetic Islamic response..


BTW, did the Pali’s mention anything about the Israeli family they slaughtered? Didn’t think so..

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Things that will NOT change until people choose the Charles Martel method against these maggots..

Fox News..Palestinian Kills 4 Israelis on Eve of Peace Talks

JERUSALEM — A Palestinian gunman killed four Israelis — including a pregnant woman — in an attack Tuesday in the West Bank, the Israeli military said.

The shooting comes just a day ahead of a White House summit relaunching Mideast peace talks.

Police say the gunman opened fire at a vehicle near Hebron — a volatile city that has experienced heavy violence in the past.

There has been no claim of responsibility. But Israeli authorities are concerned that militants might try to sabotage the U.S.-led peace efforts with violence.

Obama just earned, another mohammed-atta boy from the Islamic world. Doing a fine job there obama! ‘I did this, but I blame Bush, Congress, BP, anyway’..

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