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Islama-mail (can’t use Black, not PC remember). A Turk (as born in). A Pakistani born in England. Alternatives: Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow all from Mars. Jesus H. Christ!

Muslim Brotherhood: You’d best keep the aid money coming if you want that treaty with Israel intact   by Allahpundit


Video: Breitbart vs. Cenk Uygar over rape at “Occupy” camps   by Allahpundit


Martin Bashir: Santorum’s sort of like a theocratic version of Stalin   by Allahpundit

“See if you can spot the similarities.”

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Well gosh can understand that, WE sure as hell wouldn’t want to trigger VIOLENCE. Phhffllttt!

U.S. struggles to root out militants in Pakistani madrassa

Still, the CIA has refrained from hitting the site, U.S. officials said, out of concern that targeting a religious compound might trigger a violent backlash.

The stakes are significant because the Haqqani network is accused of sheltering al-Qaeda in Pakistan’s border region, and of using suicide bombings and other brutal tactics to exert control over a key Afghan corridor from Khost to the capital of Kabul. At the same time, U.S. officials believe the network is being protected by Pakistan’s powerful intelligence service, which has long-standing ties to the group.

The Haqqani network poses “the most significant threat to the political and economic heart of Afghanistan,” the military official said. “And they still benefit from not being under enough pressure.”

Pakistan officials insist they have raided the madrassa, known as Manba Ulom, several times and found no evidence of militant activity behind its ornate gates and high walls. But U.S. officials dispute that assertion.

“It’s a focal point for Haqqani operations,” said a U.S. intelligence official. Beyond the madrassa’s use for recruitment, training and planning, the official said, “there is a strong likelihood that senior Haqqani leaders meet there on a regular basis.”


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