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Finally an answer as to WHY the Daily Caller went sideways, this morning. Porn Banner Ad as seen below..




“Who’s Calling The Shots?” was the actual red bold headline on a story this morning on The Daily Caller website by Executive Editor David Martosko regarding President Obamaallegedly canceling the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

But a better question might be who’s calling the shots on the publication’s banner ads? See the XXX-rated performance above the story below. The pub’s Twitter feed says they came under a malware attack last night, so that may be one explanation.

We reached out to the publication’s spokeswoman Nicole Roeberg for more on the matter. Roeberg assures us that no, The Daily Caller isn’t planning on regularly running porn on the site. “One of the accounts on our ad server was hacked, and as a result someone was able to place those inappropriate ads on our site,” Roeberg wrote in a formal comment to FishbowlDC by email. “As far as we can tell, the ads were ONLY visible on iPhone and iPad devices, not on computers or Android devices. The problem with the ads has been fixed, and as soon as Google does another crawl of our site, the error message should go away.
The site is perfectly safe to visit now. Obviously, we would never intend to run ads like this on our site.”

UPDATE: Is it really safe? Despite The Daily Caller saying the site is now safe, the warning message still pops up. “What they’re saying is that the problem has been fixed, but Google won’t recognize that until it does another crawl of our site. As soon as that happens, the error message will go away,” Roeberg explained.


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Another #44 success story. Hey, I thought the cops killed that gruesome evil bastard?

Doubt cast on Pakistani tribal court’s judgment that Dr. Shakil Afridi, the doctor who helped the CIA track down Usama bin Laden, aided a militant Islamic group after its commander reportedly declares, ‘If we see [Afridi], we’ll chew him alive.’

Due to their disturbing nature, The Blaze has decided not to publish the images, but you can view them (caution: graphic) here and here. These horrific graphics match another similar picture that was posted on

Aww come on, you know you wanna’ see them!

Do These Unbelievably Horrifying Photos Show the Miami Cannibal’s Victim?

These two really, unbelievably gruesome photos, allegedly of the Miami man whose face was partially eaten off over Memorial Day weekend, have been circulating around the internet, because the sight of rended flesh is a visceral reminder of the unbearably thin dividing line between life and death, and also because they’re really fucking gross.

View the uncensored, very NSFW images after the jump.

Are they real? Probably: they match the photo that MediaTakeOut has(“DAYUMMMMMMMM!!! Do You Wanna See The WHATS LEFT OF DUDES FACE . . . After The South Beach Cannibal Finished EATING IT OFF!!”), and they haven’t appeared on the internet before, based on Google and TinEye searches. The Miami Herald describes the face like this:

Much of his face was gone, the skin ripped away, the nose bitten and the eyes gouged.

What remained was his goatee and little else.

Which would seem to match up with the photos we have, more or less. (The guy in the photo has a full beard, not a goatee, but… how many different people have had the top halves of their faces eaten off?) The paper also seems to confirm that the other photo above — showing the body of Rudy Eugene, whose “cocaine psychosis” led him to a highway off-ramp where he partially feasted on his still-unnamed victim’s face — is, in fact from the scene.

You can see the original photos below. [via Reddit]



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Hey, bring our people home, we will need them to stop the jihad, the new Egyptians want..

Obama’s deal with Karzai bans raids on al-Qaida bases in Pakistan


“The United States further pledges not to use Afghan territory or facilities as a launching point for attacks against other countries,” says the provision, found in paragraph 6b of the eight-page deal.

Read more:


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Bu-but, the Paki’s swear on a stack of bibles that..uhh, nevermind..

Bin Laden in Pakistan 9 Years
And Fathered 4 Kids, Wife Says

AP  In testimony cited by Pakistani newspaper, Usama bin Laden‘s youngest wife tells investigators Al Qaeda kingpin fled into Pakistan early in 2002 then spent nine years on run in Pakistan, living in several safe houses and fathering four children.

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Captain Kickass still revered in Hollowood. Seems ‘THEY’ want Four More Years..

You know, with a bit of Hollywood make-up Kathryn and Mark could look eerily like Bernardine and Bill

I’m guessing here, but is the movie title close to what Obama blurted out to ‘Joe the Plumber’,”spread the wealth”?

or is it:

Everything I learned about society, I learned from Saul Alinsky     

Mark (aka Bill Ayers), Kathryn (aka Bernardine), Have NO IDEA who the short-shit is, nor do I want to know)

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It seems that this administration is now groveling its way to defeat..




US trolling for Taliban to open talks

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) – After 10 years of bloody battle in Afghanistan, the United States is trolling for Taliban officials to talk peace with before the July drawdown of American troops. Washington‘s special envoy, Marc Grossman, has a one-point agenda: to reconcile Afghanistan’s warring


..The Taliban, Al-Qaeda along with other varieties of this Neanderthal Islamic cult, sense victory and further their thinking that their way, did in fact defeat the U.S. and coalition forces.

THIS, will not slake their thirst for more and more blood.. 

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Bullshit Excuse Number 3,221¼ from Pakistan..

A Dangerous Obsession St. Petersburg Times

To understand why Pakistan nurtured the Taliban and sheltered Osama bin Laden, to understand why Pakistan outraced every other Muslim country in building an atomic bomb – to understand what makes Pakistan tick, it’s necessary to consider this: India.

Since 1947, when the new nations of India and Pakistan were born in the dying days of the British Empire, Pakistan has lived in terror of its much larger neighbor. It is convinced that India poses an existential threat – both from the east, where India itself looms like a devouring beast, and from the west, where India is spending heavily to bolster its influence in Afghanistan.

There is almost nothing Pakistan does without thinking about India.

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Shirley you jest..

Obama approval hits 60 percent 

via AP

Examples of complete ignorance OR total stupidity:

“I was happy about bin Laden,” says Brenda Veckov, 42, of Hollidaysburg, Pa. “I put my fists in the air. To me, it was just a little bit of closure for the United States.”

“The president made the right decisions on this one. And I will vote for him again.”

“I have the impression that Barack Obama works really hard for Americans and that I see his leadership as something that should be continued,” says independent voter Allison Kaplan, 25, in Austin, Texas, who voted for him in 2008. She praises the administration for handling bin Laden’s raid well – “the way that it happened was the correct way” – and it reinforced her support of the president.

Bryan Noonan, 23, of Hampstead, N.H., is one of those independents. He backed Obama in 2008 and is likely to vote for the president again, given the other options.

“I haven’t been real impressed by the Republicans,” he says. He doesn’t hold Obama accountable for the sluggish economy or rising gas prices, issues Noonan says seem “out of his hands. It’s not like there’s a magic solution.”

Noonan likes Obama’s foreign policies and applauds the killing of bin Laden, saying: “I was pretty much relieved, happy to hear that we got him. The president absolutely deserves credit.”

– Sixty-nine percent say Obama will keep America safe, up from 61 percent in March; 65 percent call him a “strong leader,” up from 57 percent.

– Sixty-three percent say Obama cares about people like them; 63 percent also say that he understands the problems of ordinary Americans.

– Sixty-three percent view Obama favorably, up from 59 percent in March.

Still, his re-election is far from certain. And there are warning signs in the poll.

_Nearly two-thirds of people – 61 percent – disapprove of his handling on gas prices, even though there’s little a president can do about them. (not if you will not turn to our own natural resources, that’s for damn sure, AP)

_Less than half give him positive marks on dealing with the federal budget deficit or taxes, two big upcoming issues.


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