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So says a “knockoff vice president”. Wait, I meant JERKOFF!

Biden: The Tsarnaevs are “knock-off jihadis”   by Allahpundit


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Depression it is. The want for that good old “homegrown terrorism” went out the window. Time for solitude and DRUGS!


This video sums up the problem and makes a suggestion:


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Barry Soetero-Marshall Davis-Obama and John Napolitano discuss making Mexico the 58th or 59th State or something..


Legalization for the country’s illegal immigrants will begin after the Secretary of Homeland Security “has submitted to Congress the Notice of Commencement upon completion of each of the Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy and the Southern Border Fencing Strategy.” That means America’s at least 11 million illegal immigrants will start the legalization process when the Secretary of Homeland Security tells Congress she started implementing the plans she created for herself.     by MATTHEW BOYLE

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Evidently, this Barry Bow stuff is a communicable disease..


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Thank you for your support mayor bloomberg and governor christie, UR grateful leader, barry. How is that reconstruction coming anyway?

Dems’ Sandy relief package sends millions to Smithsonian, NASA…and more

The Obama administration’s $60-billion emergency aid package for victims of superstorm Sandy is now caught in the crossfire over the “fiscal cliff,” with some critics questioning why millions of dollars are directed to areas far from the epicenter of the storm.

The request, which still needs the approval of Congress, includes billions in urgently needed aide. But it also features some surprising items:  $23 million for tree plantings to “help reduce flood effects, protect water sources, decrease soil erosion and improve wildlife habitat” in forested areas touched by Sandy; $2 million to repair roof damage at Smithsonian buildings in Washington that pre-dates the storm; $4 million to repair sand berms and dunes at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; and $41 million for clean-up and repairs at eight military bases along the storm’s path, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The FBI is seeking $4 million to replace “vehicles, laboratory and office equipment and furniture,” while Customs and Border Protection wants $2.4 million to replace “destroyed or damaged vehicles, including mobile X-Ray machines.”


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Well No Shit! Finally, someone that can count to 5, without screwin’ the count up..

Al Qaeda’s Libya growth part of big plan, expert says

..But then you hear from this masterful administration that al-qaeda is on the run:

Ever hear of this term bright bulbs in this administration?

verb (used without object), me·tas·ta·sized, me·tas·ta·siz·ing. 1. Pathology . (of malignant cells or disease-producing organisms) to spread to other parts of …

What you have here is one of the worst forms, if NOT the worst form of HUMAN CANCER, islam! You just may want to try, new procedures to stop or hinder this worst form, chemicals and nuclear..

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Shirley You Jest! With this administration? Shirley You Jest!



TESTY TESTIMONY: Frustration grows on House panel looking into deadly Sept. 11 attack on the US Consulate in Libya as State Department officials walk fine line to explain how Obama administration‘s explanation of events was so off-point.


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For damn sure, I ain’t a friend of islamies, then again it do seem that this administration has more Pathological Liar’s



Intel Source Challenges Obama’s Account of Deadly Consulate Attack

EXCLUSIVE: Intelligence source in Libya tells Fox News that contrary to Obama administration claims, there was no demonstration outside the US Consulate in Benghazi before last week’s attack that left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Meanwhile, protests spread to more Muslim nations, including Lebanon where Hezbollah al-Mahdi scouts shouted anti-American slogans during a march through Beirut.


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