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The U.N. is the biggest joke ever played on this world!

Iran: No Waiting to Act on Threats

A military official says Iran will ‘act without waiting’ if its interests are threatened, after Tehran says a team of UN inspectors will not visit Iranian sites suspected of nuclear weapons development, but instead hold talks with government.

The U.N. team has no plans to inspect the country’s nuclear facilities and will only hold talks with officials in Tehran, Iran‘s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday.

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These Islamist maggots, should have been dealt with MANY years ago. To the best of my knowledge, the nation of Japan is the only nation to survive RADIATION TWICE. Radiation should have occurred ONCE, in Persia!

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“Possible work”, eh? Seems like we have heard the same, in the not to distant past..

IAEA Inspectors Arrive In Iran

via GlobalSecurity

Inspectors from the United NationsInternational Atomic Energy Agency have arrived in Iran for two days of talks about that country’s nuclear program, including signs of possible work on atomic weapons. 

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