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Progressives Are Elated, Just Like The Head Progressive Smiling Below..

Why given another term or twenty, solely at his discretion, the U.S. would become another Kenya, or a Communist Utopia. Born of a mother that was steeped in Communism the, “dreams of my father”, whether that FATHER was an anti-Colonialist from Kenya, Barry Senior, OR a known racist Black Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, has become a reality.

Aren’t you proud Third World or Neo-Marxist America!

Mr. “I Won”, “I’ve got a pen AND I’ve got a phone”, PLUS ‘Anything that YOU do or say, remember I am a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,’ ” AND I WILL use that “Negro dialect” to further MY agenda.

Much to his chagrin, this fellow, along with his Neo-Marxist schooling, based on Antonio Gramsci “gradualism”, he, Mr. “I Won”, “I’ve got a pen AND I’ve got a phone”, met AND is being (and has been) BESTED by a true hardcore MARXIST/STALINIST, Vladimir Putin. Vlad says GRADUAL? Feh, I’ll take whatever the hell Mother Russia wants, whenever Mother Russia WANTS it.

 Aren’t you proud Third World or Neo-Marxist America!

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In the Neo-Marxist Alinsky/Gramsci fashion of gradualism, the LEFT in the U.S.A.. making Vladimir Putin seem like a NEOPHYTE in Marxist Theology AND the Left in and of the U.S.A. is winning the battle.

Kathleen Belew / New York Times:

EVANSTON, Ill. — WHEN Frazier Glenn Miller shot and killed three people in Overland Park, Kan., on Sunday, he did so as a soldier of the white power movement: a groundswell that united Klansmen, neo-Nazis and other fringe elements after the Vietnam War


If one takes a look at my picture, what one will see is BROWN. Must be that Sicilian Heritage. In using the Little Miss Lefty pabula, I guess I am a Brown Supremacist.

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Barry Soetero-Marshall Davis-Obama and John Napolitano discuss making Mexico the 58th or 59th State or something..


Legalization for the country’s illegal immigrants will begin after the Secretary of Homeland Security “has submitted to Congress the Notice of Commencement upon completion of each of the Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy and the Southern Border Fencing Strategy.” That means America’s at least 11 million illegal immigrants will start the legalization process when the Secretary of Homeland Security tells Congress she started implementing the plans she created for herself.     by MATTHEW BOYLE

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