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Abducted US doctor rescued in eastern Afghanistan

Abducted US doctor rescued in eastern Afghanistan bbc

Gen Allen praised the military cooperation between US and Afghan forces which led to Dr Joseph’s release.

“I’m proud of the American and Afghan forces that planned, rehearsed and successfully conducted this operation. Thanks to them, Dr Joseph will soon be rejoining his family and loved ones,” he said.


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Oh my, what will 44 do? Hey, I know, blame Bush..

NATO Agrees to Restrict Airstrikes on Afghan Homes
NATO says it has agreed to restrict the use of airstrikes in Afghan residential areas following last week’s deadly strike in the east that Afghan officials say killed 18 civilians.

UN-Arab League envoy ‘gravely concerned’ over latest reports of violence in Syria
The Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League for the Syrian Crisis, Kofi Annan, is gravely concerned by the latest reports of violence.

Syria’s Chemical Weapons May End Up in Terrorist Hands
The Syrian stockpiles of chemical weapons may end up in the hands of terrorists as the ruling regime and anti-government forces continue fierce fighting.

Analysts Warn Northern Mali Could Become Jihad Base
Islamist militants appear to be in control of the vast lawless expanse of desert in northern Mali that they captured with other rebel groups in early April.


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British forces took part in the operation, which was authorised by Prime Minister David Cameron. Bravo Brits..


NATO special forces rescued two foreign women and killed five kidnappers in a “breath-taking” pre-dawn raid on Saturday on a cave in Afghanistan‘s remote and mountainous Badakhshan province.

The women, who worked for Swiss-based charity Medair, were named as Briton Helen Johnston, 28, and Kenyan Moragwe Oirere, 26. Two Afghan colleagues kidnapped with them on May 22 were also freed unharmed.

All are well, Afghan officials told AFP.

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That Dear Brits, is a bad mistake, BUT it is your nation’s decision. Why is michelle pictured, is she carrying 44’s balls in her purse?

UK special forces 'to stay in Afghanistan after 2014'

UK special forces ‘to stay in Afghanistan after 2014’

bbc via

World leaders set to tackle Afghanistan at NATO summit –

World leaders set to tackle Afghanistan at NATO summit –

usa via

Let Afghanistan, along with all of the other islamic areas, live with their own creation. Allow them to stone, lash, behead, blow up each other, to their heart’s content..

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Well of course they aren’t! They are to busy killing American and other NATO forces, for the nation. Priorities people, priorities..

Afghans Say Police Not Ready for Security Control

via GlobalSecurity

A public-opinion survey by the United Nations indicates that roughly 80 percent of Afghans believe the country’s police force is not ready to take over security control from international forces. …

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Good call Obama. Did you ask Congress about getting involved in Libya? Didn’t think so..

Possible Role of Islamists in Libya Raises Fears 

“Despite early indications that the Libyan revolution might be a largely secular undertaking … the very extremist currents that shaped the philosophies of Libya Salafists and jihadis like (Abd al-Hakim) Belhadj appear to be coalescing to define the future of Libya,” wrote Michael S. Smith II, a principal and counterterrorism adviser for Kronos LLC, the strategic advisory firm that prepared the report.

“I would like to alert my Muslim brothers in Libya, EgyptAlgeriaTunisia and the rest of the lands of Islam that if the United States and the NATO forces interfere in Libya, it will be necessary for their neighbors … and the rest of the Muslims to go forth to fight all of the mercenaries of (Muammar) al-Qaddafi and the crusaders of NATO,” he said, according to a translation provided by Kronos.

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Captain Kickass Stays Quiet. OH and “Days, Not Weeks”. WAIT, that’s Libya..

White House Stays Mum on Assad


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obama: U.S. Involvement in Libya Action Would Last ‘ Days, Not Weeks’ ..

Libya War Still Going, but Forgotten?

The U.S.-led NATO mission in Libya takes a backseat, despite the U.S. taxpayers still funding 75 percent of costs as Congress focuses on the Aug. 2 debt limit deadline.

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