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Speaking of Douchebags, Mark Halperin..

Time Editor Blames Romney for Media’s Failure to Scrutinize ObamaCare

Laura Ingraham pressed Time’s Mark Halperin to explain why he and his colleagues refused to scrutinize ObamaCare for three years or take Republican warnings (all of which are proving true) seriously. To his credit, Halperin didn’t dodge the fact that  the media failed to do its job. He did, though, rather bizarrely blame Mitt Romney and Republicans for it.   by John Nolte

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Another Hillaryious. Gotta’ Love It..



What else is there to do when you get beat like that, besides start calling names and politicizing Big Bird? It is time for SOMEONE to pull up and his big boy pants and get ready for round two. I know this cartoon is a little late to the game, but with the whole Big Bird meme still being promoted by the administration and the “he lied” meme has been made relevant again.

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Shirley You Jest..


Obama Beats Romney as Better for Middle-Income Americans

PRINCETON, NJ — More Americans believe middle-income earners would be better off in four years if President Barack Obama is re-elected than if Mitt Romney wins, by 53% to 43%. The public also says lower-income Americans would be better off under an Obama presidency, while, by an even larger margin, they say upper-income Americans would do better under Romney.

Candidate Seen as Better for Various Groups, September 2012


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Dhimmitude ! What else CAN IT BE ? a neologism borrowed from the French language. It is derived by adding the productive suffix -tude to the Arabic adjective dhimmi, which literally means protected and historically refers to a non-Muslim subject of a Muslim state.

There are several distinct variations, depending on the author. The original neologism as introduced by Bat Ye’or refers to ill treatment and subjugation of non-Muslims by Muslims.


Poll: Obama 48, Romney 43  

Michigan: Obama 47, Romney 37



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What do you not understand, concerning this study people?


The Obama economy has been brutal on all Americans, but especially so on black Americans.

Consider the following seven economic facts:

  1. 27 percent of black Americans now live in poverty, a two percent increase since 2009.
  2. According to last month’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the unemployment rate for black Americans now stands at a staggering 14.1 percent, a figure well above the already high national unemployment rate of 8.3 percent.
  3. White Americans now have 22 times more wealth than black Americans, a figure that has nearly doubled during the recession. According to the Census, in 2010, media household net worth for whites totaled $110,729. For blacks, the figure was $4,995.
  4. From June 2009 to June 2012, real median annual household income for blacks fell 11.1 percent from $36,567 down to $32,498. The drop for whites was 5.2 percent and 4.1 percent for Hispanics.
  5. According to the Census, 26.4 percent of households who report receiving food stamp assistance are African American, despite the fact that black Americans constitute just 13 percent of the total population.
  6. A study by the AARP found that home foreclosure rates for African American borrowers over the age of 50 were almost double those of whites.
  7. High school graduation rates, which strongly influence income and job hiring, continue to vary widely by race. A recent study found the following on-time high school graduation rates: 91.8 percent of Asian students, 82 percent of whites, 65.9 percent of Hispanic students, and 63.5 percent of African American students.

Whether these depressing statistics will affect President Obama’s support among African American voters in November remains to be seen.  However, a recent NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll found that Mitt Romney receives zero percent support among black voters.

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Mr. Tingles Is A Race Baiter..


Newt Gingrich asks Chris Matthews, ‘What kind of racist thinking do you have?’

“I think there are a lot of people in America who listen to people like you who tell them all day how racist — you just had a panel with a guy who was black who was telling the two guys who were white they were nuts,” Gingrich said. “Two guys who are white [are telling him] ‘why are you not more sensitive to being black?’ I think Michael Steele knows he’s black. I don’t think it’s a great shock to him.”

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Bu-but, what about this..axeybabykins? Uhh, wouldn’t that kinda’ sorta’, make your boy wonder, the ORIGINAL BIRTHER?


David Axelrod clings bitterly to ‘birther’ meme, looks forward to RNC circus


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Thomas Sowell, ’nuff said..


Obama Doomed in Fact-Based Election – Thomas Sowell

If this year’s election is going to be decided on the basis of hard facts, the Obama administration is doomed. But the Obama campaign is well aware of that, which is why we are hearing so many distracting innuendoes and outright lies about such peripheral issues as what Mitt Romney is supposed to have done while running Bain Capital — or even what is supposed to have happened at Bain Capital, years after Mitt Romney was long gone.

The Obama campaign’s big smear, about how Romney is supposed to have caused a woman to die of cancer, has been exposed as a lie by CNN, hardly a Republican network. What smears like this show is that the Obama administration cannot run on its track record, so it has to run on distractions from the country’s real problems.


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