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Oooo, real gooder, Jabba..

Irony Alert: Super-Sized Anti-Gun Zealot, Michael Moore’s Bodyguard Arrested on Gun Charges nicedeb

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s  bodyguard was arrested for carrying an unlicensed weapon in New York’s JFK airport Wednesday night.



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Newly BAR admitted sandra fluke, loves it. At least A two pronged approach, ‘if we can’t stick on RACE, let’s bring in the women’..


The link between unions and Planned Parenthood may wind updefunding the abortion provider as well as cutting funds for pro-homosexual activist groups in Michigan. This is because Governor Rick Snyder has signed the Right-to-Work law, which leaves workers free to work without joining a union or paying dues to one.

This is the BAR, fluke was "admitted" to. Fits, eh?

This is the BAR, fluke was “admitted” to. Fits, eh?

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Our nation must “Charles Martel” our own filth, before completely cleansing islam..

Teamsters, Daily Kos, Ed Schultz push back against ‘phony’ video of union assault

Posted at 8:29 pm on December 11, 2012 by Twitchy Staff | View Comments

@StoreyLine @msnbc @edshow Do you believe Ed or your lyin’ eyes? My money’s on my lyin’ eyes. Cause they ain’t lyin’.

Nancy (@FairTaxNancy) December 11, 2012

That video of union thugs in Michigan tearing down the Americans for Prosperity tent and punching Fox News contributor Steven Crowder repeatedly? You didn’t see that. OK, everyone’s seen it by now, so what are union supporters supposed to do? Claim the whole thing was a setup, obviously.

For their part, the Teamsters tweeted their concerns of “right-wing provocateurs” ruining their peaceful protest.


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Umm, Steven..Next time ask your bud AlfonZo to be with you..


President Barack Obama owes conservative Steven Crowder–and the nation–an apology after union thugs, angered by right-to-work laws passed by the Michigan legislature today, assaulted Crowder several times in the capital city of Lansing, causing mild injuries. The union members depicted should be identified and prosecuted. President Obama supported the unions in a speech yesterday in Michigan; by the standards the media applied to conservative leaders after the Tucson shooting, he bears some responsibility.   by JOEL B. POLLAK




AlfonZo Rachel is a musican and martial arts instructor who founded Macho Sauce Productions to create right-minded entertainment.

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Dhimmitude ! What else CAN IT BE ? a neologism borrowed from the French language. It is derived by adding the productive suffix -tude to the Arabic adjective dhimmi, which literally means protected and historically refers to a non-Muslim subject of a Muslim state.

There are several distinct variations, depending on the author. The original neologism as introduced by Bat Ye’or refers to ill treatment and subjugation of non-Muslims by Muslims.


Poll: Obama 48, Romney 43  

Michigan: Obama 47, Romney 37



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Bu-but, what about this..axeybabykins? Uhh, wouldn’t that kinda’ sorta’, make your boy wonder, the ORIGINAL BIRTHER?


David Axelrod clings bitterly to ‘birther’ meme, looks forward to RNC circus


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This, I do not understand. Would “the legislature in Lansing” have preferred the street terms?

Michigan lawmakers barred from floor after ‘vagina,’ ‘vasectomy’ remarks

(CNN– Two state representatives in Michigan were barred from speaking on the floor of the legislature in Lansing Thursday after colleagues deemed their language “failed to maintain the decorum” of the legislative body.

State Reps. State Reps. Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum, both Democrats, were arguing against proposed legislation that would enact new restrictions on abortions in Michigan, including provisions for new insurance requirements for abortion providers.


CNN via

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It’s Deetroit, son. You have to be Black, islamie or better, a Black islamie, no prob, u just da wron colo or don beheadsz noi one..

Groundskeeper Fired for Finding, Turning Over Gun

Detroit worker told by cops he did ‘right thing’ by giving them loaded gun found in weeds, but county says rule violated..

John Chevilott, who is just two years shy of retirement, found the loaded snub-nosed revolver on May 3 when he and his crew were mowing a lawn in Wayne County. Chevilott secured the gun, waiting for police to drive by so he could hand it over to them.

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