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For more years OR MORE. This vile inDIVIDEual proves that his mentor’s of Marxism have beaten the U.S. The Left Wing Media has promoted at best, Socialism..

..How low this once proud nation will go, is now the question. The Democrat/Left party hasn’t passed a budget in what, 3 years? A genuine hero Allen West, loses his seat in Florida, Mia Love loses in Nevada. An IDIOT wins in Massachusetts. Another nation lost yesterday, Israel. As there is no doubt whatsoever, that Mr. Divide favors Islam over Jews.

I just keep thinking this is not the nation I grew up in. The Republicans were cowed by charges of RACISM, most everyday, if not, everyday.

How can 56 million plus people be so damned stupid. It doesn’t look good people and it will get worse. Impeachment though never to be convicted with the Senate we did have, completely impossible, with U.S. Senate that stupidity has brought forth.

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Believe it’s about time (even tho THE BLAME as with everything this administration says or does, will be placed elsewhere) to ask numerous questions of THE ORIGINAL “birther” Barack Hussein Obama..

Forget Elizabeth Warren, being even a scintilla Native American, which is STILL A FALSEHOOD, ask more of THE self identified KENYAN!

In my most humble opinion, Massachusetts deserves to be laughed at, humilated in fact. After the likes of Gerry Studds, Barney Frank, the Kennedy’s, Kerry, Warren,  as typed in a recent comment elsewhere, MASSACHUSETTS has declared Plymouth Rock, ‘Rock non grata’..

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Tickled for JB. The rest of the story, How about WE get busy and find an answer to this “fatal form”, God Damn It!


Boy With Fatal Disease Gets to Be Part of the Team

JB Harvey, 5, cannot play sports, but gets wish when named ‘permanent’ member of Boston College football..

JB, a 5-year-old from Massachusetts, is one of the newest members of the Boston College football team. A month ago, assistant coach Mike Sirvano introduced him to the rest of the Division 1 team as an honorary and permanent team member, the Boston College Chronicle reported.

JB suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a fatal form of the disease.  Because of his condition, he is unable to play most sports – including football, his favorite.

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I am wondering if Jonathan Alter or as he stated..

..”PEOPLE WILL DIE IN THE UNITED STATES’ IF MITT ROMNEY IS ELECTED PRESIDENT” is being prophetic, in this upcoming election?

You know, something similar to these voting assistants:

Or these:

Or this: Mr. Steelworker (had to be union) “Romney killed my wife”

Haven’t these types been effective in getting off scot-free with obama and holder in charge? Couldn’t these types, take things to the next level? It’s not like they were punished, with this regime in place, what do they have to lose IF this regime is re-elected?

Is this what you mean, Jonathan Alter?

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And most people don’t lie, concerning their heritage, Lizzie..

Warren blasts Mitt at Obama fundraiser  —

BOSTON — It was almost as if she was behind a lectern at Harvard again, teaching a lesson.  —  Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren took direct aim at Mitt Romney at an Obama fundraiser on Monday, dredging up his remark that “corporations are people.”

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Engaged: Barney Frank, 71, and longtime partner Jim Ready, 42, the congressman’s office confirmed for us Thursday, following a report by New England Cable News. Where? In Massachusetts, where gay nuptials were made legal in 2004. When? Sorry, that’s all the details they’d give. Frank is set to leave Congress next winter after 32 years, and he’s said the rigors of the job and the desire to devote more time to his relationship were factors. “I have a partner now,” Frank told Charlie Rose in an interview a couple weeks ago. “I’m in love for the first time in my life.”

Then as all know, Hot Air has a section for comments named:


And in this particular case, it’s 100% true, or as Barney may say it, TWUE!

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hairy (yeah, I know, so?) reed’s choices..Don’t know a hell of a lot about Max, but the other two..

He appointed Senators Patty Murray of Washington, Max Baucus of Montana and John Kerry of Massachusetts.

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Umm, try fixing your teeth first, Murray

Had no idea condoms were made THIS Size

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Hope they included their own bodies, in that count. Just might be, all the bodies there are..THEIRS!


’And to the Republican party of Massachusetts, if you think this is gonna happen here, it is going to be over thousands of dead people’s bodies. If you think Wisconsin was anything, we need to stop these guys in their tracks now and kill their bills at the State house.”


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