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Speaking of Douchebags, Mark Halperin..

Time Editor Blames Romney for Media’s Failure to Scrutinize ObamaCare

Laura Ingraham pressed Time’s Mark Halperin to explain why he and his colleagues refused to scrutinize ObamaCare for three years or take Republican warnings (all of which are proving true) seriously. To his credit, Halperin didn’t dodge the fact that  the media failed to do its job. He did, though, rather bizarrely blame Mitt Romney and Republicans for it.   by John Nolte

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“This purse-like man-pouch is all the rage in most metropolitan areas.”

Man, Get Thee a Gym Bag! 

National Review/Laura Ingraham


 What a man chooses to carry his stuff in tells us a lot about who he is. Men should by nature be solid, tough, and strong (think leather briefcase) — not soft, delicate, and transparent (think macramé tote). Carrying a shimmery Dolce & Gabbana clutch is not going to endear you to a woman — we won’t think you are cool or hip. But if you play your cards right, we might just loan you a set of matching pumps.

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