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Fixer Upper. Low Miles.

Tsunami Debris Reaches Canada


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Seeing is believing and we shall see..

Liberalism: Out of a Job

by Richard Fernandez/Pajamas Media

Whether or not this is true is a matter for debate, but the political crisis now facing the president stems precisely from the fact that he is being held responsible for an economy that is falling in a seemingly bottomless abyss. The jobs report is likely to be only one of several pieces of forthcoming bad news: the sovereign debt crisis is spinning out of control in Europe, China’s bubble may have burst, Japan is still crippled from decades of stagnation made worse by a tsunami, the Middle East is in flames.

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You have a heart? Well I’ll be damned..


‘Heartbroken’ Obama offers support to Japan

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ghastly, grim, grisly, gruesome..

Condolences Japan..


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BBC/Reuters: Japan earthquake: Footage of moment tsunami hit via Drudge

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Safe to say, that the tragedy in Japan may put the old kybosh on nuclear plant start ups..

..BUT what about OIL!?

Well, here is what a couple of former REAL Presidents indicated..

Bill Clinton blasts drilling and permit delays at forum

Mar 12, 2011 12:15 PM by Ed Morrissey

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You know …


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Audacity of Stupidity..BTW, has “I Won” mentioned Japan yet?

Umm, hate to give you an order, Obama but you had better call the Japanese and offer any and every type of assistance.


Obama Blames Oil Companies For Lack Of Drilling... via drudge

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Unbelievably Devastating..

LATEST UPDATE: Japan issues a state of emergency at a second nuclear power plant after its cooling system failed as thousands evacuate from the area near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant with radiation levels surging to 1,000 times their normal levels. via Fox News

Death Toll Climbs in Japan

After Massive Quake, Giant Tsunami

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