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Fixed that Headline For Ya’ Breitbart London..

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Britain Will Need 1,600 New Primary Schools  MADRASSA To Meet Migrant Demand

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Of course he didn’t. There were NO Islamist’s for barter..

Rep. Matt Salmon: Obama ‘Didn’t Lift a Finger’ to Help Marine in Mexico Prison

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Islam, the religion of peace..

GRAPHIC IMAGES: Al Qaeda-linked jihadists accused of hanging victims on crosses

Aww Come On, you know you WANT MORE “graphic images”

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That’s telling them, ain’t it right kingy..

Obama warns against repression of Muslims in Myanmar



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Done! Fini! Over! Fugehtaboutit!

 CAIR Harasses Michigan Residents Opposed to Construction of Muslim Community Center

In 2012, residents in Pittsfield Township, Michigan objected to the increased traffic and other intrusions that would have descended upon their quiet neighborhood with the construction of a massive new Muslim community center and school. But after speaking out publicly at a zoning meeting, a Muslim advocacy group is now harassing local citizens with subpoenas, demands to reveal private communications, and lawsuits.

Solution? Yeah, I got one!

There Is Only ONE WAY, to deal with islam. Hey, Charles Martel would have used it!


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Bu-Bu-But, uhh, you know, like what happens when Putin INVADES Ontario, huh?

Canada to send fighter jets to Poland in response to Ukraine crisis – @globalnews

Another reason WHY:

The Russians are laughing at the entire world and I agree with the Russians..

The true evil on this globe IS, islam. It seems that when islam begins the evil in Russia, the Russians eradicate it, if and when that evil again rises, eradication! The Russians do NOT genuflect to islam, like Western nations do. They are NOT intimidated by islam, there is no jizyah paid. I seriously doubt that if looked at, there are classes in Russian education concerning “moderate muslims”. There is NO “GITMO” for islamic terrorists, sitting on their asses waiting for A TRIAL at U.S. Taxpayer expense NOR are there any releases of islamic terrorists, so that THEY can return to terrorist activities elsewhere.

To the best of my knowledge, there does NOT EXIST the Russian version of c.a.i.r. I know, I know, that may upset YOU, barry.

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Just another day in Mohamboneland..

Dozens Killed in Attack on Christian Church in Pakistan…

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Still Dickin’ Around With Sallie Mae Roberts and Her Sons (one d.e.a.d.) Jim Bob and Cletus from Montpelier, Alabama, Huh? Jus’ Can’t Trust Them Thar White Southern Guns Shootin’ NASCAR Good Ol Boys..

Bombers’ Mom a ‘Person of Interest’
As Name Turns Up on Terrorism List


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