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THIS, is what A REAL President does..

Dr. Marc Siegel: My 100 kilometer mountain bike ride with President Bush and 20 …

Last week, I traveled to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, just outside of Armarillo, Texas to ride in a 100 kilometer mountain bike ride with former President George W. Bush and 20 severely wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.

When he was in the White House the former president wasn’t treated fairly by the news media. But up close and personal, I found the former president’s likability to be through the roof.

Mano a mano, he was relaxed, witty and wise. After the first day’s ride, for example, he urged the other bikers on by joking, “I’m on Medicare, and you’re on one leg, so let’s get to bed after dinner and get some sleep.”
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HA! Trumped once again, eh “West”? Howz’ that “muslim outreach” thingy workin’ for you, Obama?

Al Qaeda Chief: Muslims Should Help Syrian Rebels

Head of Al Qaeda calls on Muslims across world to help Syrian rebels, saying they can’t rely on West

In a new videotaped statement, Ayman al-Zawahri calls on Muslims in IraqJordanLebanon and Turkey to join the uprising against Assad‘s “pernicious, cancerous regime.”

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“leave the troops in Iraq indefinitely”? Uhh, bright boy Messina, if you missed it, the “troops” are out of Iraq.

Spooked Obama campaign bashes ‘extremist’ Republicans — ‘We’ve got to be ready’…


In keeping with its previous line of attack, the Obama campaign‘s manager Jim Messina said in a statement that the “extremist Tea Party agenda won a clear victory” shortly after the results were announced early Wednesday.

No matter who the Republicans nominate, we’ll be running against someone who has embraced that agenda in order to win — vowing to let Wall Street write its own rules, end Medicare as we know it, roll back gay rights, leave the troops in Iraq indefinitely, restrict a woman’s right to choose, and gut Social Security to pay for more tax cuts for millionaires and corporations.”

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Hard to believe but there are good news stories out there. This is one of them..

Watch: Army dad home from Iraq surprises daughter in ‘spelling bee’  

via The Orlando Sentinel

When Skylar Johnson was asked to be in a spelling bee at her Boca Raton school, she wondered why since they had never had one before. She had no idea it was part of a plot.

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When this entire administration moves to Baghdad, THEN push for “US troops remain……”

Panetta: Iranian weapons used to attack Americans in Iraq

Weapons supplies from Iran have ‘really hurt us’ in Iraq, says Defense’s Leon Panetta. The US may be pushing Iraqi leader Nouri Maliki to request that some US troops remain after the withdrawal deadline.

Hey Panetta, where’d you get the Groucho Marx nose and glasses?

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This link will connect to The Washington Post!? Again!? Are they tiring of Team Obama?

WAR NO. 6: U.S. uses drone aircraft in Somalia to attack militants...

Via Drudge Report

The airstrike makes Somalia at least the sixth country where the United States is using drone aircraft to conduct lethal attacks, joining Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. And it comes as the CIA is expected to begin flying armed drones over Yemen in its hunt for al-Qaeda operatives.

The White House declined Wednesday night to respond to questions about the attack.

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Clarence Dupnik, Criminal Cop or Just a Lefty Idiot?

Seventy-One Shots: The Death of Jose Guereña   via Pajamas Media/Bob Owens

So when Dupnik’s teams attempted a complicated four-house raid of minority families looking for drugs, perhaps bigotry and prejudice really was in play.

Perhaps Dupnik’s officers assumed every Hispanic accused of being a drug dealer really was one, and perhaps they assumed that the tenant of a home protecting his loved ones must be a bloodthirsty cartel member waiting in ambush. Is that why they gunned down a tired, hard-working father sleeping off a night shift at the local copper mine? A Marine veteran of Iraq that had the discipline not to fire — a discipline that a trigger-happy SWAT team which has now killed three men in less than a year cannot itself exercise?

Not only has the Pima Sheriff’s Department tried to justify firing 71 shots at one man in a small hallway, hitting him (thankfully, just him) 60 times in a home where his wife and child were present. They’ve attempted to justify their refusal to let a team of paramedics treat Guereña, who was still miraculously alive after being sprayed mercilessly with bullets. It takes a competent SWAT team just a handful of minutes to “clear” a residential home during a raid. Dupnik’s SWAT team refused to declare the scene “clear” for an agonizing one hour and 14 minutes, and not until Jose Guereña had already died.

Not content to blame the victim for his own death, they attempted to insinuate he was a drug dealer, even though they were forced to admit under direct questioning that no drugs were found in his home, and that a clumsy cop falling down may have triggered the bloodbath.

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OK, let’s review. Democrat Dupnik from what is known, ignored the nut case Loughner and lets HIS SWAT team shoot someone 60 TIMES. Tucson, think you have a problem..

Instapundit: SHERIFF DUPNIK UPDATE    ABC News: Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Vet 60 Times.

A Tucson, Ariz., SWAT team defends shooting an Iraq War veteran 60 times during a drug raid, although it declines to say whether it found any drugs in the house and has had to retract its claim that the veteran shot first.

And the Pima County sheriff scolded the media for “questioning the legality” of the shooting.

A report by ABC News affiliate KGUN found that more than an hour had passed before the SWAT team let the paramedics work on Guerena. By then he was dead.

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