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“You Rang”..

Oops: Are you sure those attacks are ‘partisan,’ Mr. Teresa Heinz Kerry?John Kerry?

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Elitist Progressives at their finest. “Registered Republican” or NOT, these are vile bigot types that Donald Sterling just adores..

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Lemme take a wild ass guess, “tomaSKY”, very likely a POLLOCK and A F*&^ing one at that..

..Set aside the Polish < NOTICE, POLISH, Pope, it just may have been a fucking peachy keen idea that would have given the Russians PERMANENT CONTROL over Poland. Stick that in your Polska Kielbasa

Michael Tomasky / The Daily Beast:

Donald Sterling and the Neverending Fantasy of ‘Democrat’ Racism  —  Oh, how eager the conservative press is to call Donald Sterling a Democrat!  It’s all part of their larger fantasy narrative about conservatism and race.  —  My Twitter feed yesterday was full of clucking conservatives challenging …

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The ones that need to be AIMED are you soviet UNIONS, that greatly assisted this asshole TWICE in elections..

Union leader takes aim at Obama administration over…/labor-leader-takes-aim-at-obam

Fox News Channel

3 hours ago – The head of a major labor union is lambasting President Obama over the latest delay on the Keystone XL pipelinesix years after it was initially proposed.

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Proof Positive that Left’itis is a debilitating mind eating disease. With a bit of luck, she will be out of her misery soon..



What needs to be accomplished IS, rid our nation of Fracking Leftists..

THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: Fracking is safe, scientists say.

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Truly unfortunate that dueling is prohibited, elsewise Chrissy would have been occupying a pine box long ago..

Chris Matthews Calls Mitch McConnell an SOB nwsbstrs

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In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, we are suffering through the inevitable period of liberal hand-wringing. Liberals can’t help themselves..

Why Does Evil Make Liberals Stupid?

by John Hinderaker / Power Line:

These days there are more such outpourings of liberal feelings than one can count, but let’s note just two, for now. First, Governor Deval Patrick, who appeared on Face the Nation this morning:

The governor of Massachusetts said Sunday that he has no idea what motivated the brothers accused of exploding two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Really? Hmm. Check out the Boston Globe, Governor. They think Islam might have played a secondary role.

This piece in The Atlantic is a good exemplar of the mushy liberal commentary that has proliferated in recent days. Authored by one Megan Garber, it is titled: “The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So?” Before taking a close look at Ms. Garber’s article, let’s advise The Atlantic not to put away that headline. It could come in handy so often. “The Cole Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The Embassy Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The First World Trade Center Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The September 11 Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The Madrid Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The London Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The Shoebomber Was Muslim: So?” The Underwear Bomber Was Muslim: So?” “The Fort Hood Shooter Was Muslim: So?” “The Beslan Child-Murderers Were Muslim: So?” “The Times Square Bomber Was Muslim: So?”

We could keep this up for a very long time, but let’s move on to Ms. Garber’s soulful meanderings. I will quote Garber at length, lest you think I am cherry-picking her musings to make her look stupid:

Do read on..

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