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‘heh amigo, our pepers goin to go lik hotcake’. si, i tol juw..


7 surprising foods that fight fat

Published October 07, 2012


  • Chili Peppers and Jalapenos

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I suggest radiation therapy, for afghanistan AND pakistan..

Taliban storm Afghan hotel, kill 18 people  ap


Radiation therapy is sometimes given with curative intent (that is, with the hope that the treatment will cure a cancer, either by eliminating a tumor, preventing cancer recurrence, or both) (1). In such cases, radiation therapy may be used alone or in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or both.

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Come on huh! There are plenty of jobs out there, 44 says so. Just practice, “you want fries with that order ?” Another one to get down pat is, “is this for here, or to go”..


Things you may need to be proficient with or in:

Mopology (advanced degrees only please)

Politically correct guide to the correct use of brooms

Trash, paper or plastic?

How to handle the irate dumpster diver

Wino’s and their habits

Apron tying (back or front?)

Hair net technology (for use in handling food stuffs)

Immediate Emergency First Aid knowledge (’cause sometimes it takes a while)


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Must-See Video: Child With Cerebral Palsy Welcomes Home Marine Dad By Walking to Him for the First Time..

Well, get your tissues ready — this emotional reunion will be sure to get you choked up. Marine and father of six Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cooney and his wife were told their son Michael – who has cerebral palsy – would never be able to do much on his own. But while Cooney was serving in Afghanistan for seven months, Michael proved any naysayers wrong by learning to walk.

Video at link above. Still shot, below.

Marine and Son Reunion


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Sad and heartbreaking news for me. BUT “All Dogs Go To Heaven”..

Little innocent Bitsy, passed away. Sweet lovable little pup she was. Had the strength to live for 13 days, unfortunately being the runt of the litter and being squeezed in with five other little innocents, her chest area, digestive system and elimination system, just could not handle it.

Bitsy, couldn’t even feed off of mommy, Twiggy, she had to be hand feed her formula with antibiotics. Bitsy was no bigger than A croissant one could purchase. A gamer even with the hand, or should say puppy paw, she was dealt.

For those out there in the interwebby, should your “mans” [GENERIC] “best friend” be in similar straights, rest assured that a beautiful little tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi, will be most gracious IF and WHEN the same heartbreaking situation occurs with your “mans best friend”.  

RIP, Bitsy..

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Don’t you know, that’s Racist, AP. Jesus H. All smart-assery aside, find the answers PEOPLE!

Blacks have trouble clearing cervical cancer virus

CHICAGO (AP) – Provocative new research might help explain why black women are so much more likely than whites to develop and die from cervical cancer: They seem to have more trouble clearing HPV, the virus that causes the disease. Doctors have long thought that less access to screening and…

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WebMD News Alert..

Chicken Nuggets Recalled Because of Food Poisoning Risk 

Pilgrim’s Pride has voluntarily recalled more than 18,000 pounds of chicken breast nuggets
and chicken fillets distributed in nine states. The products were recalled because
of potential listeria contamination, an infection that can lead to serious health problems.

Details along with other recent food recalls and where products were sold. 

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• Guidelines to Prevent Food Poisoning 
• Tips, Tricks, Recipes for Healthy Grilling 
• Healthy, Filling Foods for Kids 

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Oh-Oh, we better keep an eye on obama with those “three diagnoses” too..

Assessing the killer’s mind 

via BBC

Experts will explore different aspects of Mr Breivik’s personality.

“This is someone who clearly has an enormous rage – and the source of that rage will need to be uncovered,” says Prof Coid.

He explains that there are basically three diagnoses that could be made: that Mr Breivik is suffering from paranoid psychosis – or a delusional disorder – that he has a severe narcissistic personality or that he is has a schizoid personality disorder.

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