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Yep, it is, I have one. Bought it a couple of years ago..

By Richard Johnson of

The best value in handguns for sale today is the Smith & Wesson SD40. I know that is a bold statement, and many of you will balk at such an absolute proclamation. Keep reading the review and let me explain…

The Smith & Wesson SD40 is a striker-fired, polymer framed pistol that falls between the Sigma and M&P lines of handguns in terms of price and features. While S&W publicly states the SD line is a completely separate entity from their other lines, the SD40 definitely shares some of the parts and features of the Sigma and M&P series.

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Guns & Patriots SD40 Review..

The Smith and Wesson SD40

Want to know what is the best value in a defensive handgun?  Take a look at the Smith & Wesson SD40 pistol.  It is a very reliable handgun that fits well in the hand and offers many of the features professionals look for.  The real bonus is the street price on this gun is less than $400.

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