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Shirley you jest..

Obama approval hits 60 percent 

via AP

Examples of complete ignorance OR total stupidity:

“I was happy about bin Laden,” says Brenda Veckov, 42, of Hollidaysburg, Pa. “I put my fists in the air. To me, it was just a little bit of closure for the United States.”

“The president made the right decisions on this one. And I will vote for him again.”

“I have the impression that Barack Obama works really hard for Americans and that I see his leadership as something that should be continued,” says independent voter Allison Kaplan, 25, in Austin, Texas, who voted for him in 2008. She praises the administration for handling bin Laden’s raid well – “the way that it happened was the correct way” – and it reinforced her support of the president.

Bryan Noonan, 23, of Hampstead, N.H., is one of those independents. He backed Obama in 2008 and is likely to vote for the president again, given the other options.

“I haven’t been real impressed by the Republicans,” he says. He doesn’t hold Obama accountable for the sluggish economy or rising gas prices, issues Noonan says seem “out of his hands. It’s not like there’s a magic solution.”

Noonan likes Obama’s foreign policies and applauds the killing of bin Laden, saying: “I was pretty much relieved, happy to hear that we got him. The president absolutely deserves credit.”

– Sixty-nine percent say Obama will keep America safe, up from 61 percent in March; 65 percent call him a “strong leader,” up from 57 percent.

– Sixty-three percent say Obama cares about people like them; 63 percent also say that he understands the problems of ordinary Americans.

– Sixty-three percent view Obama favorably, up from 59 percent in March.

Still, his re-election is far from certain. And there are warning signs in the poll.

_Nearly two-thirds of people – 61 percent – disapprove of his handling on gas prices, even though there’s little a president can do about them. (not if you will not turn to our own natural resources, that’s for damn sure, AP)

_Less than half give him positive marks on dealing with the federal budget deficit or taxes, two big upcoming issues.


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