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Safe to say, that the tragedy in Japan may put the old kybosh on nuclear plant start ups..

..BUT what about OIL!?

Well, here is what a couple of former REAL Presidents indicated..

Bill Clinton blasts drilling and permit delays at forum

Mar 12, 2011 12:15 PM by Ed Morrissey

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You know …


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One leads, follows or gets the hell out of the way..

I ran with this last week, now it seems that the great New York Times, decides to half assed grudingly gives SOME credit to GWB and Tony Blair..

“Imagine the possible nightmare if we had failed to remove the Libyan nuclear weapons program and their longer range missile force,” said Robert Joseph, who played a central role in organizing the effort in 2003, in the months just after the invasion of Iraq.

“You can’t know for sure how far the Libyan program would have progressed in the last eight years,” said Mr. Joseph, who left the Bush administration a few years after the Libya events, partly because he believed it had gone soft on nuclear rogue states. But given Colonel Qaddafi’s recent threats, he said on Monday, “there is no question he would have used whatever he felt necessary to stay in power.”

The haul was so large that President George W. Bush, with photographers in tow, flew to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee to celebrate a rare victory against nuclear proliferation. He briefly noted the success in his recent memoir, “Decision Points,” saying that with the surrender of the weapons Libya “resumed normal relations with the world.” Mr. Bush lifted restrictions on doing business with Libya and praised Colonel Qaddafi, saying his actions had “made our country and our world safer.”

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via Breitbart/Big Peace..

Sun Tzu: Saudi Student Arrested In Texas on WMD Terror Charge: George W. Bush Possible Target

CNN is reporting:

Washington (CNN) — A Saudi national living in Texas was arrested Wednesday for allegedly researching and acquiring chemicals to make a bomb, authorities said Thursday.

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 20, of Lubbock, Texas, allegedly researched several possible targets, including the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush, and nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams.

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Think GWB will get any credit? An Egyptian thinks he should..


Boston Globe: Bush program helped lay the groundwork in Egypt

But many activists said Bush deserves the credit. “As a social scientist and an activist, I have to be honest, the Bush administration did more for what is happening in Egypt now,’’ Ibrahim said.

When Obama took office, his administration halved the amount of money available for democracy funding in Egypt, to $20 million in 2008, and allowed Egypt to have a veto again over some funds.

What says the Obama regime?

Donna Woolf, spokeswoman for the State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative, blamed the difficult budget environment for the cut. But she said the Obama administration funneled more money to independent groups than Bush, with $2.6 million directly funding groups that don’t have the Egyptian government’s permission to operate.

The vibrancy and strength of Egyptian civil society that’s been on display this past week is testament to the wisdom of our strategy,’’ she said in a statement.

Classy as usual, these Obama people.


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Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...

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Miss me yet?

Sure as hell do, GWB!

This interview from Thanksgiving week somehow slipped through our fingers at the time. It shows a relaxed and hilarious George W. Bush charming what some would assume is a hostile audience.

President George W. Bush via Breitbart

In my most humble opinion, a must see, from start to finish

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“Elites didn’t think I could read a book, much less write one”..GWB IS Class Personified.



President George W. Bush





In a rare public appearance, former President George W. Bush talked about life out of the limelight and took a jab at what the “elites” might be thinking of his upcoming book.

“I have written a book. This will come as a shock to some of the elites. They didn’t think I could read a book, much less write one,” Bush quipped.

Speaking at the University of Mobile in Alabama Thursday night, Bush talked about his memoir “Decision Points,” set to be released next month.

It’s about the decisions I made as president, and it’s very anecdotal. Here are the stories, and you can decide what you would have done,” he was quoted as saying in the the Press-Register of Mobile.  The 64-year-old said the tome gives some understanding to the decisions he made on tough issues like the handling of 9/11 and the Iraq war. The president, who has become a target of both Democrats and President Obama since he left office, refused to comment on the current state of political affairs. “You’re not going to see me out opining or offering my critique. Frankly, I don’t think it’s good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor,” Bush said.

President Obama has repeatedly blamed the “Bush-era policies” for today’s lethargic economic condition.

“I loved being your president. But frankly, I’m having the time of my life not being your president,” Bush said. “I do not miss the limelight. I have zero desire to be in the press. I have zero desire to be on your TV screens. Eight years is enough of that.”

But the former president will likely be back in the spotlight once his book hits bookshelves. The book, published by Crown Publishers, will be released November 9th with an initial run of 1.5 million copies. That’s the same number of copies given to Former President Bill Clinton for his autobiography, “My Life.” A statement from Crown Publishers claims the book will not be a conventional narrative, but rather a reflection of important decisions and moments in Bush’s life.

As he reflected on his days at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Bush said there are certain things he definitely misses. “The dessert chef was awesome,” he joked.

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Every Golfer takes a mulligan.. (well except the pro’s)

Fox News Video..In a Rare Appearance, George W. Bush Hits the Green

“Reminds me of the old days,” President George W. Bush quipped right before ripping a drive in a rare television appearance Friday on Fox while indulging in a time-honored presidential pastime – golf.

Bush hit the green at Ridgewood Country Club in Waco, Texas, for Patriot Golf Day, a fundraiser for which he is the honorary chair. The event, organized by the Folds of Honor Foundation, will raise scholarship funds for the children and spouses of disabled or deceased members of the military.

He was joined by program founder Maj. Dan Rooney, PGA of America President Jim Remy, Purple Heart recipient Heath Calhoun, and Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade.

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Certainly NOT defending Obama, but give it a rest GOP. God Sakes you are starting to WHINE, just like HE whom you toss stones at..

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Fox News..Obama Speech on Iraq War Also Turns to Economic Issues, Draws GOP Fire

Obama IS what HE IS and HE is NEVER going to change, a spoiled, petty, whiny Leftist of his own making. The American public is finding that out, at least the sane American public!

The FIRST to understand that bitching, pissing and moaning IS George W. Bush himself. For the most part, (hey, they occasional finger and murmuring under his breath, SO!) THE man stayed classy throughout his two terms and even NOW, he has yet to cast asperstions directly against Obama personally, as well as policies.

Constantly harangued and scorned for Democrat Congressional actions in his last two years that helped (and a great deal) what is now full blown economic disaster that Team Obama seems to have gleefully helped, get worse.

A SURGE that worked, Shoes tossed at him and the continual it’s “not my mess” meme. GWB KNOWS what he accomplished. CONCENTRATE ON WINNING in 2010 AND 2012!

Leftists will always love him and his team. GROW UP!

Should the U.S. A. be attacked by Islam again, do you think that Obama will stand on rubble and state:

I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!

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