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“Now You Know What the ‘A’ Stands For.”




Shown here is an image from an email sent from Rep. Alan Grayson’s campaign.Courtesy of Dave Levinthal

Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson, who is known for lobbing over-the-top rhetorical bombs at his political foes, once again is being accused of taking things too far — after his campaign sent an email that compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan while depicting a burning cross.

The email showed a large image of the flaming cross, with the letters “ea Party” etched in to the right of it. The caption read: “Now You Know What the ‘T’ Stands For.


Picture of the Anus

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Thank you for your support mayor bloomberg and governor christie, UR grateful leader, barry. How is that reconstruction coming anyway?

Dems’ Sandy relief package sends millions to Smithsonian, NASA…and more

The Obama administration’s $60-billion emergency aid package for victims of superstorm Sandy is now caught in the crossfire over the “fiscal cliff,” with some critics questioning why millions of dollars are directed to areas far from the epicenter of the storm.

The request, which still needs the approval of Congress, includes billions in urgently needed aide. But it also features some surprising items:  $23 million for tree plantings to “help reduce flood effects, protect water sources, decrease soil erosion and improve wildlife habitat” in forested areas touched by Sandy; $2 million to repair roof damage at Smithsonian buildings in Washington that pre-dates the storm; $4 million to repair sand berms and dunes at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; and $41 million for clean-up and repairs at eight military bases along the storm’s path, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The FBI is seeking $4 million to replace “vehicles, laboratory and office equipment and furniture,” while Customs and Border Protection wants $2.4 million to replace “destroyed or damaged vehicles, including mobile X-Ray machines.”


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For more years OR MORE. This vile inDIVIDEual proves that his mentor’s of Marxism have beaten the U.S. The Left Wing Media has promoted at best, Socialism..

..How low this once proud nation will go, is now the question. The Democrat/Left party hasn’t passed a budget in what, 3 years? A genuine hero Allen West, loses his seat in Florida, Mia Love loses in Nevada. An IDIOT wins in Massachusetts. Another nation lost yesterday, Israel. As there is no doubt whatsoever, that Mr. Divide favors Islam over Jews.

I just keep thinking this is not the nation I grew up in. The Republicans were cowed by charges of RACISM, most everyday, if not, everyday.

How can 56 million plus people be so damned stupid. It doesn’t look good people and it will get worse. Impeachment though never to be convicted with the Senate we did have, completely impossible, with U.S. Senate that stupidity has brought forth.

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Unfathomable Part 2..


VA: Military absentee ballots going AWOL in 2012

By Kenric Ward, Virginia Watchdog

FREDERICKSBURG — A 92 percent drop in absentee-ballot requests by military personnel in Virginia is raising concerns that the Pentagon is failing to carry out a federal voting law.

With only 1,746 military voters in Virginia requesting absentee ballots so far this year — out of 126,251 service members in the state —the Military Voter Protection Project says the system has broken down.

And it’s not just in the Old Dominion. MVPP Executive Director Eric Eversole reports significant declines in absentee-ballot requests by service members across the nation.

Compiling data from Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Alaska, Colorado and Nevada, Eversole’s organization found that military families have requested 55,510 absentee ballots so far this year. That’s a sharp decline from the 166,252 sought in those states in 2008.

Read more at the Virginia Watchdog


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Stephanopoulos, Greek ain’t it? Stated so before and shall again. ANYONE that dives underwater and SPONGES are the best thing they can come back up with..umm, ain’t to sharp upstairs. Know what I mean?,_Florida

Tarpon Springs is a city in Pinellas CountyFloridaUnited States. The population was 23,484 at the 2010 census.[4] Tarpon Springs has the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any city in the US.

In 1905, John Cocoris introduced the technique of sponge diving to Tarpon Springs. Cocoris recruited Greek sponge divers from the Dodecanese Islands of Greece, in particular KalymnosSymi and Halki leading, by the 1930s, to a very productive sponge industry in Tarpon Springs, generating millions of dollars a year. The 1953 film Beneath the 12-Mile Reef, depicting sponge diving, takes place and was filmed in Tarpon Springs.[6]


It’s impossible to imagine Brian Ross not going to Stephanopoulos and at least some of the show’s producers before dropping this bomb on the air — which means they cleared and were okay with it. So why is Ross the only one under fire here? Anchors are in charge of their shows, as are producers. Not in charge are correspondents like Ross. by JOHN NOLTE

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UPDATE: “on a personal level I just don’t want to work for the company anymore.” Don’t blame you, Lopez..

Hero Lifeguard in Florida Says ‘No’ to Rehire Offer

“I’m not going to obey such a ridiculous rule” 

Read more:

Guard who was let go after leaving his beach zone to save drowning man has declined an offer to have his job back..

First there was this:

Idiocy has no boundaries

then this

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“It was not the appropriate course of action to take,” he said. Really? Now you determined that? Howz’ about the 9 other dudes, sport!?

‘Hero’ Offered Job Back — What About Supporters?

Tomas Lopez offered job back after being fired for saving rogue swimmer, but 9 other lifeguards remain jobless..

“I am of the opinion that the supervisors acted hastily, ” Ellis said. “It was not the appropriate course of action to take,” he said.

The fate of nine other lifeguards, who either quit in solidarity or were fired for stating publicly that they would also do as Lopez did, is not clear.

Read more:

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Are you fucking kidding me? Judiciary gone wild. Al and his type negroes get to ya’ judgie?

Zimmerman Bond Set at $1 Million

  • AP
  • Florida judge sets bond at $1 million for George Zimmerman as he awaits trial on a murder charge in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.

    The judge expressed his unhappiness with Zimmerman and said that his actions suggest a possibility that he was preparing to flee to avoid prosecution.

    “Under any definition, the defendant has flaunted the system,” Lester wrote in the order. “The defendant has tried to manipulate the system when he has been presented the opportunity to do so.”

    Lester said he was granting bond because Zimmerman posed no threat to the community, and Florida law requires that most defendants receive bond if they pose no threat and can assure their presence for trial.

    Read more:

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