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Bu-but, what about this..axeybabykins? Uhh, wouldn’t that kinda’ sorta’, make your boy wonder, the ORIGINAL BIRTHER?


David Axelrod clings bitterly to ‘birther’ meme, looks forward to RNC circus


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NRO Digest..

ANDREW C McCARTHY: It’s hard to say what’s more depressing about the “birther” issue, Obama‘s cynicism or the zeal with which the media does his bidding. Birth Certificate: Where Are the Indignant Questions to Obama?

LEVIN & PONNURU: Republicans need to get behind some specifics for repealing ObamacareA Good Alternative.

ROBERT VERBRUGGEN: Will the National Labor Relations Board bully BoeingLabor Law Out of Thin Air?

CONRAD BLACK: Gas prices are rising for a reason, and it’s not the oil companies.Economics-Challenged Media.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: President Obama can’t seem to decide how he feels about high gas prices. Is Sky-High Gasoline Good?

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