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What an appropiate name, Blow..

Will thou wax eloquent as to Donald Sterling and his words “about the Negro.” Mr. Blow, or because of him being a donor to the Democrat cause, will he be exempt?

Does not Mr. Sterling show that “he rejects history” as well?

“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” 

I am aghast at my own forgetfulness, Blow. How about a REAL “freeloader” living of U.S. taxpayers, while storing away MILLIONS in umm, err, uhh PAYOFF MONEY.

“light-skinned” and having “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.”

What a surprise, HE is a Democrat, too.

Charles M. Blow / New York Times:

A Rancher’s Romantic Revisionism  —  It appears that Cliven Bundy, the 68-year-old rancher and freeloader, doesn’t reject only the federal government; he rejects history.  —  Bundy decided this week to tell us all what he knows “about the Negro.”

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Johnny Boner got that ELITIST head tilt goin’, huh?


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Until you were elected, twice, we were not..

Adam Aigner-Treworgy / CNN:
Obama: ‘We are not some banana republic’

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You don’t understand, lesbian bitch or butch, if I have to follow the law, ALL of you assholes in D.C. have to! If NOT, howz’ about we roust ALL of you, out of D.C.!?


During her testimony on the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared that she, President Barack Obama and other political officials at the top of this administration have the authority to decide which laws to enforce, and which ones to ignore.   by MATTHEW BOYLE

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Hey sure why not huh? We have MENSA members in Congress. Wha’ happened to Mr. Shovel Ready Jobs. Only thing “shovel ready” is his bullshit!

Democrats want jobless benefits in ‘cliff’ deal

The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent from 7.9 percent, the lowest in nearly four years. But much of the decline was due to people so discouraged about finding a job that they quit looking for one.

MENSA member.

But Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, noted that unemployment checks add up to about $15,000 a year. “That’s poverty level,” he said. “This is not something people just want to continue on, they want to get jobs.”


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Gonna’ help you out here, schumer. The nail head is in the shadow of the hammer, start banging it..


Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) hopes to stop a major defense spending bill in its tracks now that Democrats have added an amendment that allows them to take away the guns of certain military veterans. AWR HAWKINS

However I do UNDERSTAND the “idea” behind his “amendment” (those, or ANYONE having a mental affliction/disability, veteran or not..male or female, should NOT be able to possess a gun). The Left WILL progress this to insisting on any person having a HEAD COLD (as in stuffy head, sinus thingy, cough, cough), falls into that same category.

Need an example, do ya’?


Here is another.


Jus’ one more.



Although in the U.S. Military, this animal was and is a filthy islamist maggot!


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Me thinks Steyn is speaking to you SCOTUS, particularly Roberts..

Constitutional Contortions By Mark Steyn

Great. That and $4.95 will get you a decaf macchiato in the Supreme Court snack bar. There’s nothing constitutionally seemly about a Court decision that says this law is only legal because the people’s representatives flat-out lied to the people when they passed it. Throughout the Obamacare debates, Democrats explicitly denied it was a massive tax hike: “You reject that it’s a tax increase?” George Stephanopoulos demanded to know on ABC. “I absolutely reject that notion,” replied the president. Yet “that notion” is the only one that would fly at the Supreme Court. The jurists found the individual mandate constitutional by declining to recognize it as a mandate at all. For Roberts’ defenders on the right, this is apparently a daring rout of Big Government: Like Nelson contemplating the Danish fleet at the Battle of Copenhagen, the chief justice held the telescope to his blind eye and declared, “I see no ships.”

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Does anyone truly believe that barack hussein obama, jr. will leave office, with grace and dignity?

That is not going to happen, people!

The  articles, links and words are present in the http://dot-whatever, all you have to do, or must do is find them, read  them AND understand them.

The present day sympathizer, anti U.S. “media” (with the exception of ONE right that is in Amendment 1) isn’t, has not, nor will it, lay before “We the People” all of the facts about this individual.

The race hustlers and baiters of mostly African heritage, are not going to assist.

The whites of communist teachings (need a clue? Ayers/Dohrn, Alinsky, Unions) are not going to assist.

The present day political power people of the Democrat Party (need a clue? Reid, Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz) are not going to assist. 

Who or whom does that leave? We the People!

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