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Bu-but, what about this..axeybabykins? Uhh, wouldn’t that kinda’ sorta’, make your boy wonder, the ORIGINAL BIRTHER?


David Axelrod clings bitterly to ‘birther’ meme, looks forward to RNC circus


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And this mother fuck, STILL can’t grasp why a child of his, has epilepsy. Hey kid, it’s ’cause your, uhh, relation pictured here, smells little girls bicycle seats..


David Axelrod, senior Obama 2012 strategist, awaits certain rebuke by President Barack Obama today after he violated the guidelines for civil dialogue laid down by the President in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting in January 2011 by referring to Republicans as JOEL B. POLLAK

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Foreign Money? Really? Translation: Democrats LIE, from obama down..

Fact Check..Democrats peddle an unproven claim.

Democrats, from President Barack Obama on down, are trying to turn an evidence-free allegation into a major campaign theme, claiming that foreign corporations are “stealing our democracy” with secret, illegal contributions funneled through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It’s a claim with little basis in fact.

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