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“Body tissue is dissolved and the liquid poured into the municipal water system”. It’s now NOT what are you drinking, it’s WHO are you drinking..

New body ‘liquefaction’ unit unveiled in Florida funeral home   

BBC via Memeorandum


The system works by submerging the body in a solution of water and potassium hydroxide which is pressurised to 10 atmospheres and heated to 180C for between two-and-a-half and three hours.

Body tissue is dissolved and the liquid poured into the municipal water system. Mr Sullivan, a biochemist by training, says tests have proven the effluent is sterile and contains no DNA, and poses no environmental risk.

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Put your money where harry and obama mouths reside and rest easy..

Weekly Standard: Obamacare Ends Construction of Doctor-Owned Hospitals

Since the above would be the case, if Republican’s will not, cannot repeal or repair obamacare, for that thank harry reid whose stealth in crafting this monstrosity and vow to reject any changes that House Republican’s will make, might I suggest an alternative FOR the Doctor’s AND Investor’s..

Dignity Memorial®

As North America’s largest provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services,  the Dignity Memorial® network is the name families turn to for compassionate and professional final arrangements. Dignity Memorial providers care for more than 300,000 families each year and understand the importance of thoughtful, personalized arrangements.
Offered through a network of more than 1,600 funeral, cremation and cemetery providers in the United States and Canada, the Dignity Memorial brand is your assurance of quality, value, caring service and exceptional customer satisfaction.

We believe creating meaningful ways to pay tribute to a loved one begins with compassion and is shaped by the understanding that each life is truly unique. For us, there is no greater responsibility than honoring and preserving the story of one’s life.

Stock shares in the $8-9 dollar range. No doubt in my mind with Team obama’s “healthcare”, those stock shares will rise in value. You may be dead and devoid of money, but your beneficiaries may not be.

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