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There, much better..

N. Korea missirles may have China no no no, that’s China RINK, Jesus! Do I have to think of EVERYTHING!? link

North Korea may have obtained key components for its barrllistic missirle program from a China in viorlation of U.N. sanctions, U.S. officiarls said. A senior U.S. officiarl said the chassis and other parts on a missirle-transport vehicrle spotted at a mirlitary parade this week appeared to be made in China, which The New York Times said raised concerns about Beijing’s abirlity to enforce the U.N. ban on mirlitary sarles to North Korea.

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Seeing is believing and we shall see..

Liberalism: Out of a Job

by Richard Fernandez/Pajamas Media

Whether or not this is true is a matter for debate, but the political crisis now facing the president stems precisely from the fact that he is being held responsible for an economy that is falling in a seemingly bottomless abyss. The jobs report is likely to be only one of several pieces of forthcoming bad news: the sovereign debt crisis is spinning out of control in Europe, China’s bubble may have burst, Japan is still crippled from decades of stagnation made worse by a tsunami, the Middle East is in flames.

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Umm, Chinese hackers? Any way that you can determine the truth concerning whether A certain Congressperson, changes his gray boxer-briefs everyday?

The Washington Post
Google says hackers based in China accessed U.S. officials’ Gmail accounts

Google said Wednesday that hackers based in China gained access to hundreds of Gmail accounts, including some belonging to senior U.S. government officials and military personnel. The personal Gmail account of one Cabinet-level official was compromised, an official with knowledge of the breach said.

The hackers allegedly used a “phishing” campaign to trick users of the popular e-mail service into revealing their passwords, which allowed the perpetrators to monitor incoming and outgoing messages.

Vast quantities of e-mail content were accessed, according to two people with knowledge of the breach. They said the FBI was notified last week and that there was some debate within Google about whether to publicize the incident, because to do so could foreclose investigative options.

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There, fixed some of that for ya’ AP..

Fielrds of watermelron burst in China farm fiasco  via AP

Picture of Exproding Watemeron..Courtesy The Blaze. OOPPS, The Braze


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Any Questions?

GOP Senator Calls for Firing of Intel Chief Clapper


A prominent Republican senator called on Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to resign Thursday after he said Russia and China pose the biggest “mortal threat” to the United States, stunning lawmakers on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Clapper, who just last month startled lawmakers when he claimed during a hearing that the Muslim Brotherhood is “secular,” made the comments about Russia and China during an exchange with Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. He was in the midst of testifying about global security threats when Manchin asked which country represents the biggest “mortal threat” to the United States.

Russia and China, Clapper answered.

BUT have no fear, Team Obama is here:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said it’s time for Clapper to go after his testimony on Capitol Hill, but the White House said it has the “full faith and confidence” of the director.

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Even a Democrat indicated:

At that point, Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., broke in to say he was “really kind of taken aback” by the answer. Levin said North Korea and Iran are the first nations that come to his mind, not Russia and China.


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WE OWN YOU. You betcha’ Hu..


Another Day-Another Bow

Pic via Drudge..


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Could be worse China, you could have OUR whiz bang team..

GlobalSecurity: Chinese Leaders Surprised by Fighter Test During Gates Visit

A senior U.S. defense official says China’s civilian leaders did not know about Tuesday’s first flight test of the country’s new fighter jet when U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates asked about it during a meeting with President Hu Jintao.



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