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Intellectual, moral, spiritual (edification) one big reason why Repub’s gave muslim brother obama, another four years, or more!


The controversial budget proposal submitted by House Republican leadership, and summarily rejected by the White House, was never presented to the GOP caucus in the house according to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX). “The caucus was not consulted on the proposal, I wish we had been” Gohmert told Breitbart News on Capitol Hill this morning. The controversial budget proposal submitted by House Republican leadership, and summarily rejected by the White House, was never presented to the GOP caucus in the house, according to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX). morning. LARRY O’CONNOR

Here’s another:

House GOP Leaders Purged Conservatives Using Secret Criteria List


Here ya’ go BONER! Ordered a whole damn truck, for when obama makes you cry.



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Now you know why 44 didn’t speak at the naacp conference. He gave a pass to Black and Illegal Mexican drug dealers, to continue doing business as usual, which includes killing any and all, that get in their way, ‘cuase he gonna’ pays dem, regarles..


You can add this news to the 44 decision:





When President Clinton signed the bipartisan-crafted Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program into law nearly 16 years ago, its work requirement was hailed as an ‘end to welfare as we know it’ — now Republicans charge President Obama’s under-the-radar effort to end the work requirement is a ‘blatant violation of the law.’

HHS made the announcement in a policy memo Thursday, news that slipped well below the radar amid a raucous day on the presidential campaign trail. But a few prominent GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill picked up on the change, and accused the administration of overhauling one of the most important bipartisan agreements of the past several decades. 

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Knock it off, Hill. We haven’t had anything to do with Lybia (white house spelling) for months. Our participation lasted just DAYS!

Rumbles on Hill as Gadhafi hangs on

By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s tenacious hold on power forced NATO on Wednesday to extend its mission to protect civilians and caused consternation on Capitol Hill over U.S. involvement in the North African conflict.

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Is it “hawkish” to want ones nation to survive? Is it “partisan politics” to want Israel to survive?

In meeting with Obama, Netanyahu rules out Israeli withdrawal to 1967 boundaries  Washington Post

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu suggested Friday that President Obama holds an unrealistic view of how to achieve peace in the Middle East, saying that Israel would never pull back to the boundaries that the American president said a day earlier must be the basis for negotiations.

The unusual Oval Office exchange, following a nearly two-hour meeting, laid bare the fundamental differences between Obama and the hawkish leader of the chief U.S. ally in the Middle East. Republicans on Capitol Hill, meanwhile, injected partisan politics into the debate by vowing to formally condemn Obama’s position toward Israel in a resolution next week.

Dore Gold: Israel’s 1967 Borders Aren’t Defensible Wall Street Journal

Fair observers have never considered the old armistice line as a non-negotiable starting point for peace talks.

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The only reason this person studied our Constitution, was to circumvent the document..

Obama to Up Ante, Infuriating GOP


Republicans on Capitol Hill riled up over Obama’s upcoming debt-reduction speech, expected to include a tax increase proposal that some say will allow Washington to continue overspending.

BTW, if Republicans are as stupid as has been reported, they need to be replaced. Of course everyone in D.C. needs to go with them, by hook, crook, or tarred and feathered, straddling a pole..


Such as..



Wearing this sign..


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