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Come on huh! There are plenty of jobs out there, 44 says so. Just practice, “you want fries with that order ?” Another one to get down pat is, “is this for here, or to go”..


Things you may need to be proficient with or in:

Mopology (advanced degrees only please)

Politically correct guide to the correct use of brooms

Trash, paper or plastic?

How to handle the irate dumpster diver

Wino’s and their habits

Apron tying (back or front?)

Hair net technology (for use in handling food stuffs)

Immediate Emergency First Aid knowledge (’cause sometimes it takes a while)


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Yep, it is, I have one. Bought it a couple of years ago..

By Richard Johnson of

The best value in handguns for sale today is the Smith & Wesson SD40. I know that is a bold statement, and many of you will balk at such an absolute proclamation. Keep reading the review and let me explain…

The Smith & Wesson SD40 is a striker-fired, polymer framed pistol that falls between the Sigma and M&P lines of handguns in terms of price and features. While S&W publicly states the SD line is a completely separate entity from their other lines, the SD40 definitely shares some of the parts and features of the Sigma and M&P series.

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Reverend Al The Kiddies Pal.


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Umm, popcorn please. OH load the butter, too..

Next Mideast Revolution Over Energy?

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Since that is the case in your mind, 44..Howz’ about you, Michelle stop using that old time fuel, for fucking knows how many trips, so far that is..

BTW, still dumping mega tax monies, to your greenie friends I see. Let everyone know when those wind powered semi’s are ready for market. You know they haul products everyday..OH and windpowered trains and fuel, just wind. Much like you #44..

Oil is ‘the fuel of the past,’ says President Obama

 via Yahoo News

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In this society, as long as the VULTURE ATTORNEY’S got their cut, they don’t give a damn. How many VULTURES put their lives on the line that horrific day?

9/11 Heroes’ Settlement Payment Comes Up Short

‘Mistake’ in points system, attorney’s fees, lead to unexpected drop in final payout for Ground Zero responders..

More than a year ago, 95 percent of 10,000 cops, firefighters, hard hats and other Ground Zero workers accepted the city’s $680 million offer. The sickest are now getting the final 60 percent of their payments. The WTC Captive Insurance Co., which manages the city’s 9/11 settlement funds, did not immediately comment.

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Not Gonna’ Take It Any LONGER GOP! Get It Straight, Or You’re OUTTA’ THERE, along with your thieving comrades in arms, the Dems!!

"Republican Party Elephant" logo

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“The USA is increasingly not a good place to do business. We need a stiff broom. I worry that the GOP won’t do what it takes.”

So do I. I was on Hugh Hewitt’s show last night, and he said that when he talks to Beltway GOP insiders he’s amazed at how out of touch they are.

They’re not even sure about passing a ban on earmarks if they take the majority, much less more significant change. If they get the majority back, and blow it, they’ll be looking at a third-party challenge in 2012, and not just at the Presidential level. VIA Instapundit

As I typed August 30, 2010..Same Crap Different Name, Is Not Going To Cut It

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