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Stephanopoulos, Greek ain’t it? Stated so before and shall again. ANYONE that dives underwater and SPONGES are the best thing they can come back up with..umm, ain’t to sharp upstairs. Know what I mean?,_Florida

Tarpon Springs is a city in Pinellas CountyFloridaUnited States. The population was 23,484 at the 2010 census.[4] Tarpon Springs has the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any city in the US.

In 1905, John Cocoris introduced the technique of sponge diving to Tarpon Springs. Cocoris recruited Greek sponge divers from the Dodecanese Islands of Greece, in particular KalymnosSymi and Halki leading, by the 1930s, to a very productive sponge industry in Tarpon Springs, generating millions of dollars a year. The 1953 film Beneath the 12-Mile Reef, depicting sponge diving, takes place and was filmed in Tarpon Springs.[6]


It’s impossible to imagine Brian Ross not going to Stephanopoulos and at least some of the show’s producers before dropping this bomb on the air — which means they cleared and were okay with it. So why is Ross the only one under fire here? Anchors are in charge of their shows, as are producers. Not in charge are correspondents like Ross. by JOHN NOLTE

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One can see by the look on this Leftist’s face..’building a narrative to his leftist agenda’. The eyes and that smirk, give thou away, Ross!



On Good Morning America, ABC News’ Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos suggested that the Tea Party might be connected to the mass shootings early this morning in an Aurora, CO theater during a screening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The mainstream media attempted to blame the Tea Party for the Tuscon shootings in January 2011, shortly after Republicans swept the midterm elections. Now, in the critical 2012 elections, the mainstream media seems poised to do the same–and ABC News has led the way.


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