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Well guess what holder just added his ass, to that “nation of cowards” he shot his goddamn mouth off about. ONLY in his case and the New Black Pussy Party IT’S TWUE. Bring it bad widdle boys and uhh, what do you call them, oh yeah..HO’S!

Eric Holder Silent on New Black Panthers’ Racial Discord

Americans must ask themselves whether Eric Holder and black leaders indeed fear the New Black Panther Party, as they all refuse to condemn their rhetoric and tactics in the last few weeks. The Trayvon Martin Case is the latest in a long list of incidents into which the New Black Panther Party has injected itself, but nothing has measured up to its latest tactics, which include placing a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head with the qualifier “dead or alive.”  by KEVIN L. MARTIN/

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Could be in error, but..”The Die Has Been Cast”..

This will be my final post on the Zimmerman/Martin situation, until or unless race riots begin in earnest..

Between this:

Trayvon Martin case: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman


Gallup Poll: Blacks, Nonblacks Hold Sharply Different Views of Martin Case

And this:


As titled: The Die Has Been Cast..

New York Times Diorama: The Events Leading to the Shooting of Trayvon Martin

What I find difficult to understand. If the above diorama is true or even somewhat true to scale is, why the whole damn town home complex didn’t have knowledge of OR witness this event, other then these few..

“They’re wrestling right in the back of my porch … There’s a black guy down and it looks like he’s been shot and he’s dead.”

Male voice

“I looked out my window and there’s a guy on top with a white T-shirt … I couldn’t see the person he was on.”

— Female voice

“Someone’s yelling two doors down from me, screaming, hollering help help help … And I thought I heard like a gunshot.”

— Female voice

“There’s a black guy standing up over him.”

— Female voice

“I saw a man laying on the ground that needed help that was screaming … then I heard a loud sound and the screams stopped.”

— 13-year-old boy

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