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Progressives Are Elated, Just Like The Head Progressive Smiling Below..

Why given another term or twenty, solely at his discretion, the U.S. would become another Kenya, or a Communist Utopia. Born of a mother that was steeped in Communism the, “dreams of my father”, whether that FATHER was an anti-Colonialist from Kenya, Barry Senior, OR a known racist Black Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, has become a reality.

Aren’t you proud Third World or Neo-Marxist America!

Mr. “I Won”, “I’ve got a pen AND I’ve got a phone”, PLUS ‘Anything that YOU do or say, remember I am a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,’ ” AND I WILL use that “Negro dialect” to further MY agenda.

Much to his chagrin, this fellow, along with his Neo-Marxist schooling, based on Antonio Gramsci “gradualism”, he, Mr. “I Won”, “I’ve got a pen AND I’ve got a phone”, met AND is being (and has been) BESTED by a true hardcore MARXIST/STALINIST, Vladimir Putin. Vlad says GRADUAL? Feh, I’ll take whatever the hell Mother Russia wants, whenever Mother Russia WANTS it.

 Aren’t you proud Third World or Neo-Marxist America!

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Other than these words below, this doesn’t need a “title”..

Rapper’s White House Invitation Raises Eyebrows via Fox News

Haven’t checked but Fox is probably the only news source for this story..

I also haven’t checked to find out if other presidents have invited such controversial individuals to speak poetically at the White House.

The above is a preface for what will be typed.

In my years on this globe, I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered a couple, Barack and Michelle Obama, that have a greater despise and racist view of this nation, the they do. The only item that I can see that now makes Michelle “proud”, is the fact that Barack is now the ruler of a predominantly white nation, as a self-hating HALF black man. Michelle is just as, if not more hateful, than Barack.

I don’t know exactly where this extreme hate came from, could be the “dreams of my father” in Barack, could be his Islamic teachings, which he DID have, could be self hatred at being half black, could be the anti-colonial genes of his father.

It may stem from one Jeremiah Wright‘s preaching of Black Theology and the hatred of whites, after all they were married by Wright, attended his “church” for twenty years. Possibly friends that are anti-anything, especially whites.

 Saul Alinsky‘s teachings have embedded themselves deeply within, Barack Obama. He seems to use Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, in most everything he does, says, writes or by edict, forces upon this nation.

Whatever the source of this seething race based hate is, this just cannot be in this nation, past the upcoming elections. Which by the way, if Barack Obama and his black queen Michelle are deposed by vote, you just may see a race war, started by the blacks in this nation, once again rising out of the SLAVERY issue. Unfortunately No Black Today has ever been a slave of this nation.

This race war if started will do nothing except reduce the number of blacks living in the U.S, as well as others. It will make our own internal war(s) look like child’s play, Guaranteed!

I type the above as one that has never owned another person, owned meaning as in chattel. That period of history in our nation, was a dreadful stain. To my knowledge it only remains a stain with people like Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, Shabazz, Wright and Obama.

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