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Learn something new, everyday. The kicker here IS, the NYT ran this story, straight up. AMAZING!


NYT Old friends: Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu 



Only a few weeks ago, on Super Tuesday, Mr. Netanyahu delivered a personal briefing by telephone to Mr. Romney about the situation in Iran.

“We can almost speak in shorthand,” Mr. Romney said in an interview. “We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

Mr. Netanyahu attributed their “easy communication” to what he called “B.C.G.’s intellectually rigorous boot camp.”

“So despite our very different backgrounds,” he said through an aide, “my sense is that we employ similar methods in analyzing problems and coming up with solutions for them.”

Even in a firm of 100 M.B.A.’s, Mr. Romney and Mr. Netanyahu managed to stand apart, as much for their biography as for their brainpower. Mr. Romney’s father, a former governor of Michigan, had sought the Republican presidential nomination a few years earlier. Mr. Netanyahu had his own exotic résumé: he had just completed a tour of duty in an elite special forces unit of the Israeli military.

“Both clearly had an aura around them,” said Alan Weyl, who worked at the firm from 1975 to 1989.

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# 44 says: ‘Aww come on you shumcks, I was only kidding about that Bibi stuff. I blame Sarkozy’..

AIPAC as Campaign Stop: Courting the Jewish Vote and More  PJ Media/Bridget Johnson

It’s well known that, with an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities potentially looming, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference beginning Sunday will be a defining point in relations between the Obama administration and Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.


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Did obama’s plan of dumping Mubarak and going after Gaddafi cause additional Israeli problems, or did obama stupidly stumble into M.E. chaos? (notice, the boy leader left assad alone)

U.S. Scrambles as Israel’s Ties With Allies Erode  

I know, why don’t we ask his Israeli advisors wright, farrakhan and shabazz.

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Plus, another way to spell the name of, well, you’ll see..

Herman Cain: Barack Obama Is Not a Patriot   via Pajamas Media

So where are we? Bottom line: Obama chose Palestinians over Israelis. Obama is essentially demanding that Israel commit suicide. Netanyahu says I’m not gonna commit suicide. People say Netanyahu was rude when he refuses to commit suicide. Obama chose Palestinians over Israelis. He did it after learning that Hamas became a part of the Palestinian ruling class, the terrorist group.

Obama chose the Muslim Brotherhood over freedom when he invited them to his Cairo speech and when he endorsed the misnamed Arab Spring without reservations or conditions. We know now what’s happening in Egypt.

Obama chose lawlessness and open borders over protecting innocent citizens when he sued Arizona.

My friends, there’s a pattern here. Obama chose voter intimidation over civil rights when he chose not to prosecute the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia.

Obama chose the public sector over the private sector with his stimulus slush fund.

Obama chose socialism over the private sector when he took over two US car companies.

Obama chose a path to socialized medicine over free market solutions to health care when he signed Obamacare into law.

Obama chose true cowboyism over Congress when fighting a war on Khadafy and Libya, ignoring the War Powers Act by saying, well, we’re not really all in.

Obama chose czars over cabinet members.

He chose class warfare over prosperity when he demagogued taxing the rich over cutting out-of-control spending.

He chose politics over solutions when he failed to produce a budget or demand one from Congress.

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Well yeah Andrew, but Janet said..Never mind..

Borderline Treachery
Obama can’t mind our borders, but wants to change Israel’s.
Andrew C. McCarthy


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Is it “hawkish” to want ones nation to survive? Is it “partisan politics” to want Israel to survive?

In meeting with Obama, Netanyahu rules out Israeli withdrawal to 1967 boundaries  Washington Post

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu suggested Friday that President Obama holds an unrealistic view of how to achieve peace in the Middle East, saying that Israel would never pull back to the boundaries that the American president said a day earlier must be the basis for negotiations.

The unusual Oval Office exchange, following a nearly two-hour meeting, laid bare the fundamental differences between Obama and the hawkish leader of the chief U.S. ally in the Middle East. Republicans on Capitol Hill, meanwhile, injected partisan politics into the debate by vowing to formally condemn Obama’s position toward Israel in a resolution next week.

Dore Gold: Israel’s 1967 Borders Aren’t Defensible Wall Street Journal

Fair observers have never considered the old armistice line as a non-negotiable starting point for peace talks.

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Ever get that sinking feeling in the pit of your collective stomachs, Israel?

Though it wasn’t a “demand”, do you understand where this yahoo Obama is headed? If not, you had better figure it out and quickly. What you do with your Left Wing, Self Hating Jews, is up to you. Unless of course, Obama decides without consulting, another branch of government, to umbrella ANOTHER No-Fly Zone.

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Actually, “defensive” may be in error. Sounds to me the dude has the ball and is playing offense..

Google: Israel’s Netanyahu goes on the defensive

Tel AvivIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to deflect rising criticism at home over stalled peace talks Monday by telling Israeli lawmakers that it was the US, not Israel, that rejected a settlement freeze extension this past fall.

There was an American decision not to follow the track,” said a government official who confirmed the remarks but was not authorized to speak for attribution. “The reporting out there that Israel rejected the American package is simply erroneous.”

Question: Why does American Jewry support this obama administration?

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