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Bu-But OUR Negro-OOPS HALF NEGRO-in-Charge say wez don needs a safe pipline like KEYSTONE..



Update: BNSF confirms 25 cars derailed and some ethanol spilled into Mississippi River in train derailment in Alma, Wis.; crews working to contain spill, clean up train cars – @BrettHoffland

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Whomever you “VOTERS” ARE be da reason da MULLAH OTTO gots elecs twiceeess

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shia barry and shia valerie say, don’t seez nufin’ wongs wid dis..

‘HARD SELL’: US lawmakers voice concerns over possible Iran nuke deal


CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS voice bipartisan concerns about a possible Iran nuclear deal, with one lawmaker saying the US has ‘gone from preventing a nuke in Iran to managing it,’ as Secretary of State John Kerry leads negotiations with the rogue nation in an attempt to impose long-term verifiable limits on its nuclear programs.

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The world according to the BRAIN SHRUNK Neo-Marxist barry. The U.S.A.? Nahh. barry needs..

More: Elections in Myanmar in 2015 need to be free, inclusive and transparent, President Obama told Myanmar’s President Thein Sein during meeting – @Reuters be removed and it does not matter HOW!

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Of course he didn’t. There were NO Islamist’s for barter..

Rep. Matt Salmon: Obama ‘Didn’t Lift a Finger’ to Help Marine in Mexico Prison

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Much better thing to do, Unintelligent Black, Thanks Barkley. YOU, of Kenya Heritage go TO the Ebola areas.

..All ya gotta do is, wears da tribal dresses stuffs. Incompetent FRAUD

REPORT: Obama plans to bring non-citizens to USA for Ebola treatment…

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What, jus’ cause abu hussein obama hates your nation AND ALL of its peoples?


I mean it was jesse that said “HYMIETOWN”..Oh Wait, he a Black Boy tooooo.

Charles Barkley IS RIGHT ON TARGET!

Charles Barkley: ‘Unintelligent’ Blacks ‘Brainwashed’ To Keep Successful Black Men Down…

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Poor eric. Just relax everything must be Black BOY. Hold your breath and count to 1,303, 769. All will be fine, you racist bastard!!!

REPORT: Holder ‘Exasperated’ Over ‘Selective Leaks’…

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