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Thomas Sowell, ’nuff said..


Obama Doomed in Fact-Based Election – Thomas Sowell

If this year’s election is going to be decided on the basis of hard facts, the Obama administration is doomed. But the Obama campaign is well aware of that, which is why we are hearing so many distracting innuendoes and outright lies about such peripheral issues as what Mitt Romney is supposed to have done while running Bain Capital — or even what is supposed to have happened at Bain Capital, years after Mitt Romney was long gone.

The Obama campaign’s big smear, about how Romney is supposed to have caused a woman to die of cancer, has been exposed as a lie by CNN, hardly a Republican network. What smears like this show is that the Obama administration cannot run on its track record, so it has to run on distractions from the country’s real problems.


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I am wondering if Jonathan Alter or as he stated..

..”PEOPLE WILL DIE IN THE UNITED STATES’ IF MITT ROMNEY IS ELECTED PRESIDENT” is being prophetic, in this upcoming election?

You know, something similar to these voting assistants:

Or these:

Or this: Mr. Steelworker (had to be union) “Romney killed my wife”

Haven’t these types been effective in getting off scot-free with obama and holder in charge? Couldn’t these types, take things to the next level? It’s not like they were punished, with this regime in place, what do they have to lose IF this regime is re-elected?

Is this what you mean, Jonathan Alter?

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For Christ Sakes Axlerod, Rahm was better at this stuff then you will ever be and he’s only got 9 whole digits!

FactCheck: You’re all wet 44

The president’s campaign fails to back up its claims that Romney ‘shipped jobs’ overseas

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