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There is a distinct difference between Representative Allen West and..

Congressman Allen West / Facebook:
The Congressional Black Caucus has judged the Attorney General by the color of his skin…   Find

 ..the “Black Caucus”. You see, that caucus wants to be BLACK, Representative Allen West is American, NOT a hyphenated American. Allen West sees no color and those that have served with or under him, his present colleagues and the Florida people that he represents see NO color in or with him. 

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Steel Balls. Allen West definitely has them..

Allen West on the CBC: There’s 41 of them and 1 of me, that’s pretty fair odds for me

Allen West is talking in this short clip of how he challenged the chairman of the CBC, Emmanuel Cleaver, over him saying that the CBC would be leading marches on the White House if it was any other president:

“I challenged him and said ‘What do you mean if anyone else? You’re not upset about 20% unemployment? You’re not upset about 37% unemployment among teenagers? You’re not upset about incarceration rates, the high school drop out rates?‘ That’s what you have to have.”

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Representative Allen West Rips The Progressives Wide Open..

This is the most incredible speech, ever. Allen West comes out swinging hard against the left and doesn’t stop until his speech is over. He hits the left over their collectivist ideology. He hits them over their collectivist policies. And he encourages Republicans to “find the enemy and fight them wherever they are” just like American paratroopers from the 101st and 82nd airborne did the night before D-day. He said Republicans must be like sharks that smell blood in the water because, as he puts it so well, we don’t win playing defense. We win on offense.

via The Right Scoop/

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You TWO, wouldn’t be fit, to wash the UNDERWEAR, Allen West uses..

Progressive caucus: Allen West ‘childish,’ has ‘no ideals or principles’ – TheDC

Allen West
West: ‘repeatedly polarizes the American people instead of focusing on their interests’

“Allen West is de[nig] <HEY! That’s RACIST!  rating the millions of Americans who voted to elect Congressional Progressive Caucus [members],” caucus co-chairs and Democratic RepsRaúl Grijalva of Arizona and Keith Ellison of Minnesota said in a statement.

Grijalva and Ellison said West’s comments were “reminiscent of the days when Joe McCarthy divided Americans with name-calling and modern-day witch hunts that don’t advance policies to benefit people’s lives.”

LOOK! Itsa’ “white Hispanic”. 

Pancho Villa

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Where is your towel and Ayatollah beard?


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As I mentioned..Saul Romney. Axlerod. Obama..

Romney Spokesman Behind Plan to Redistrict Allen West out of Office

It looks like Romney Spokesman in Florida, Will Weatherford, is working to redistrict out of office one of the Republican’s most popular congressman, Allen West.

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