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Abducted US doctor rescued in eastern Afghanistan

Abducted US doctor rescued in eastern Afghanistan bbc

Gen Allen praised the military cooperation between US and Afghan forces which led to Dr Joseph’s release.

“I’m proud of the American and Afghan forces that planned, rehearsed and successfully conducted this operation. Thanks to them, Dr Joseph will soon be rejoining his family and loved ones,” he said.


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British forces took part in the operation, which was authorised by Prime Minister David Cameron. Bravo Brits..


NATO special forces rescued two foreign women and killed five kidnappers in a “breath-taking” pre-dawn raid on Saturday on a cave in Afghanistan‘s remote and mountainous Badakhshan province.

The women, who worked for Swiss-based charity Medair, were named as Briton Helen Johnston, 28, and Kenyan Moragwe Oirere, 26. Two Afghan colleagues kidnapped with them on May 22 were also freed unharmed.

All are well, Afghan officials told AFP.

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That Dear Brits, is a bad mistake, BUT it is your nation’s decision. Why is michelle pictured, is she carrying 44’s balls in her purse?

UK special forces 'to stay in Afghanistan after 2014'

UK special forces ‘to stay in Afghanistan after 2014’

bbc via

World leaders set to tackle Afghanistan at NATO summit –

World leaders set to tackle Afghanistan at NATO summit –

usa via

Let Afghanistan, along with all of the other islamic areas, live with their own creation. Allow them to stone, lash, behead, blow up each other, to their heart’s content..

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Must-See Video: Child With Cerebral Palsy Welcomes Home Marine Dad By Walking to Him for the First Time..

Well, get your tissues ready — this emotional reunion will be sure to get you choked up. Marine and father of six Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cooney and his wife were told their son Michael – who has cerebral palsy – would never be able to do much on his own. But while Cooney was serving in Afghanistan for seven months, Michael proved any naysayers wrong by learning to walk.

Video at link above. Still shot, below.

Marine and Son Reunion


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Hey, when you have a good plan as #44 did, how can you lose? EASY, that’s how. Look at all the Arab Spring democracies..

Incompetence, haste costs US $80 million and consulate in Northern Afghanistan; Update:CODEL reports Taliban gaining strength

“I think we both say that what we found is the Taliban is stronger,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” by Ed Morrissey

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THIS, is what A REAL President does..

Dr. Marc Siegel: My 100 kilometer mountain bike ride with President Bush and 20 …

Last week, I traveled to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, just outside of Armarillo, Texas to ride in a 100 kilometer mountain bike ride with former President George W. Bush and 20 severely wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.

When he was in the White House the former president wasn’t treated fairly by the news media. But up close and personal, I found the former president’s likability to be through the roof.

Mano a mano, he was relaxed, witty and wise. After the first day’s ride, for example, he urged the other bikers on by joking, “I’m on Medicare, and you’re on one leg, so let’s get to bed after dinner and get some sleep.”
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talibanies, tell #44 stuff it, Black Dog..

Top Ten Alternatives to Apologizing to Afghanistan by KEITH KOFFLER/White House Dossier

1. Dedicate a round of golf to the people of Afghanistan.

2. Send Michelle for a symbolic vacation to Jalalabad.

3. Ask the Afghans if they’d like the Russians back instead.

4. Head to a local Afghan restaurant and bow to the wait staff.

5. Offer to make Afghanistan’s heroin “The Official Heroin of the United States.”

6. Give Afghan children a permanent exemption from Michelle’s “Let’s Move” school lunch offerings.

7. Provide unlimited, free doses of Prozac to the entire adult population of Afghanistan.

8. Change the lyrics of O Tannenbaum to O Taliban.

9. Set up a program to provide virgins to Afghan men who refuse to commit suicide bombings.

10. Demand an apology from Afghanistan for the more than 1,800 U.S. forces killed since the start of the war.

Gosh, I forgot the “stuff it” messageObama apology not accepted, Taliban urge death for U.S. troops


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Bu-but, it’s my duty as a, umm, uhh, err..leader, Yeah leader. Pheww, almost eff’d that one over, BIG TIME..

New Apologies for Koran Burning Do More Harm Than Good, Some Warn

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