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It is said that it IS TIME for a female of the species to LEAD the USA?

One that has CREDENTIALS? She is right here and SHE has it all!


Of course Lefties and BLACK RACISTS will call her “a right wing nut” AND an OREO’ETTE!, Sell Out Ho and all dat niciiiees stuf, right al, jesse, toure, eric vacuum clena’, and alls da res of you racis motha fucka’s


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This is the last paragraph in this gentleman’s column..

Once, when I was teaching at an institution that bent over backward for foreign students, I was asked in class one day: “What is your policy toward foreign students?” My reply was: “To me, all students are the same. I treat them all the same and hold them all to the same standards.” The next semester there was an organized boycott of my classes by foreign students. When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.

Random Thoughts

Thomas Sowell

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Notice the drinkin’ parts..

These are the countries where the Christmas shopping season is an even bigger deal than in the US

In America, retailers are fretting about one of the shortest Christmas shopping seasons in recent history—there are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year than last. Given the fanfare around the holiday shopping season in the US, you could be forgiven for thinking that the weeks leading up to Christmas are a matter of life or death for retailers in the country.

But according to an analysis of retail sales data by Quartz, American shoppers are positively subdued in November and December compared with their counterparts in some other countries:


The Brits in recent years have spent some 14% more in November and 31% more in December than the average month in the rest of the year. This “full-on consumer orgy,” in the words of one retail analyst, has been kicking off earlier each year in Britain, where the lack of a traditional starting point like Thanksgiving in the US or Advent in continental European markets gives retailers a freer hand to keep pushing holiday promotions earlier in the calendar. This may also explain Australians’ enthusiasm for shopping in November and December (in addition to the summer weather). Varying gift-giving traditions could explain the differences in spending trends elsewhere.

The holiday season isn’t just about shopping binges, of course. There’s also binge eating and drinking. The Brits and Aussies distinguish themselves on this score, too. When comparing spending on food and drink services—essentially, restaurants and bars—in December with the average month during the rest of the year, few other countries come close. (The data is patchier for this category, however, so fewer countries are in the sample.)


All of those Australians out on the beach and Brits hitting the booze at the Christmas office party make for a roaring trade, it seems. Revelers in other countries may be every bit as gluttonous during the holidays, just not in public. Perhaps it’s because they don’t spend so much time out shopping.







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Congresswoman’s ‘miracle baby’ may be first to survive Potter’s Syndrome

Mom and Abigail formatted.jpg

Doctors believe baby Abigail Beutler, the daughter of U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler and her husband, Dan, may be the first baby ever to survive Potter’s Syndrome, a prenatal condition affecting the development of a baby’s lungs.

The Republican congresswoman from Washington was five months pregnant when she found out that her baby had no kidneys, and therefore was producing no fetal urine.  Doctors say that leads to little-or-no amniotic fluid, which ultimately prevents the lungs from developing.  

Herrera-Beutler described the moment she and her husband received the grim news.  

“As the doctor was giving us the diagnosis (Abigail) was kicking,” she said.  “We’re totally broken, we’re sobbing, we’re asking, ‘What can be done? Is there anything that can be done?’  And she’s moving inside of me, and the doctor is saying, ‘No, there is no option. This is fatal.’”

Refusing to give up on their daughter, the Beutlers found a doctor at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Md. who was willing to try an experimental treatment that could potentially save Abigail’s life.

The doctor injected multiple doses of a saline solution into the congresswoman’s abdomen to try to create enough fluid for the lungs to develop.  The couple then waited to see if the treatment would work – and miraculously, Abigail was born on July 15th.

“When she came out and everybody was quiet, I think … a lot of these medical professionals were prepared for the worst. And she looked at us, and she cried, which means her lungs were functioning,” said Congresswoman Herrera-Beutler.  “I think that cry kind of startled everybody in the room.”

Doctors at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in California, where Abigail is currently being treated, say her weight has doubled since she was born, and she has “excellent lung function.”

According to Dr. Steven Alexander, a pediatric kidney specialist at Lucile Packard, Abigail will be on dialysis until she can get a kidney transplant in about a year or so, but he is confident about her prognosis.

“The kidney transplant success rate now is so good that we would predict a full adult life for her,” Alexander said.

The Beutlers are going public with their story, because they want other families that get a diagnosis of Potter’s Syndrome to have some hope.   

“Our daughter had a 100 percent fatal diagnosis, and she’ll be 8 weeks on Monday,” Dan Beutler said.  “We and many people around the country have spent a lot of time praying for her. We don’t know exactly how it all worked out, but we know for sure she’s a miracle.”

Herrera-Beutler says she has received a lot of support from her congressional colleagues during this time, including a call from House Speaker John Boehner and a note from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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THIS, is what MLK jr. meant by “content of character”, Barry, Al, Jesse, Toure, Matthews, et al..

Four football players in New Jersey accidentally walked into a store after it was closed because of a faulty lock and were caught on security camera paying for everything they took–including the tax.

Initially, the camera footage this week from Buddy’s Small Lots in New Jersey looked like it caught a burglary

But the four football players from William Paterson University actually paid for all of the items they took. One player was seen “digging in for change,” on the camera in order to find money to pay the tax on the items. 

“We thought somebody was just, like, on break or something,” one of the students said. Another said, “My heart dropped… I’m thinking, like, okay, are we in trouble? As of now, in the world today, they judge us for the wrong things.”

The four football players reportedly stopped by the store while in a rush to attend practice. 

by  Breitbart Sports


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Sounds like a plan, here’s hoping it works..

Town in Norway builds giant mirrors to avoid 5 months of darkness

Mirrors in Norway 2.JPG

the Mirror Project.jpg

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Speaking of having risen. Truly heartwarming story below. Slideshow Pics of their wedding..

Photos: Recipient of nation’s first full-face transplant marries fellow burn victim in Fort Worth

At the same Fort Worth church where a near-fatal electrical accident melted away his face and claimed his eyesight, Dallas Wiens transformed pain into bliss Saturday as he exchanged vows with Jamie Nash of Garland.

“I am blessed beyond measure that you have chosen me, and I love you with all of my heart,” Wiens told Nash as they clasped hands in front of more than 150 people at Ridglea Baptist Church.

Separate tragic journeys brought the couple together at Parkland Memorial Hospital, where they met in a support group for burn victims in 2011.


Sea Otter Shoots Hoops. Check out Eddie’s moves in the video below..

To help relieve Eddie’s arthritis in his elbow, trainers at the zoo encouraged the furry little fella to play basketball in order to keep his joints moving.

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