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Enjoy what could be THE last of a Christmas Holiday Season..

This once proud nation is coming apart at the seams. Gosh, I just can’t wait for, AND in more ways than ONE, this nice HOT SUMMER. Barry’ism is winning and “We the People” let it happen..


You know by now. Which brings “We the People” a choice. Do WE continue being dictated to and led by the privileged OR…


Senate passes $1.1 trillion spending bill, averting partial gov’t shutdown

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TCCE. The Collection of Contiguous Entities..

The Progression Continues:

Josh Kraushaar / National Journal:
Obama’s Agenda Threatens to Divide the Democratic Party

The Hill:
White House prepares activists for Obama’s immigration order

Formerly Known as The United States of America..

Don’t look now (BUT You Must) what once was a “nation” is no longer. The Progressives ARE winning, if in fact, they haven’t already. Even though, the “post racial”, Racial Post person, would adore ‘THE, ME, I BUILT THIS’ , (remember the “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”), there is a degree of truth to what he stated. Progressives have had plans for this happening a long time BEFORE this still completely *UN-VETTED person was brought into this world. *to this point he has NOT even released his college transcripts.

However, you must admit, “The One”, “Me”, “I”, using his Neo-Marxist teachings, Community Organizing, His Race, AND His Sycophantic Main Stream Media certainly ARE PROGRESSING. 


Striking resemblance to this vile being I’d say:


CMS official used ‘tantrums’ to push ObamaCare site launch, email claims

  • AN EMAIL FROM A former top official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services describes agency Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, as a demanding boss who used ‘temper tantrums and threats’ to demand last year’s launch of the federal health exchange website proceed as planned despite concerns.

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barry and his co-conspirators shred the U.S. Constitution..

These people along with barry, make Jonathan Gruber seem like an altar boy



Senate Democratic Party leaders just sent the president a letter: ‘We fully support your decision’ to use executive authority on immigration – @jbendery

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“Be more” PROGRESSIVE, is what the headline should have stated..

Progressives’ answer to 2014 midterm election results? Be more liberal By Ben Kamisar

But there is a model for Democrats looking to win tight races with a progressive message: Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown. Despite his record as one of the most liberal senators, Brown embraced that reputation and sailed to reelection in 2012.

“Democrats need to make clear who we are fighting for and what we’re fighting against and draw distinctions,” he said in an emailed statement. 

If you remember what you stand for and who you are fighting for, you don’t have to move to the center – wherever that happens to be at any moment.

What Sherrod Brown stated in the immediate above high lighted in RED is called..


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There are no words EXCEPT theirs and those words are damning..

President Crafted Obamacare Deception With Gruber At White House Meeting

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And yet the Leftoid holds up her sign with a Twitter #. Ignorance is bliss as IS, damn it! said, to bad it’s our nations leadership filled with it..

Jen Psaki says Twitter is not how State conducts diplomacy



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