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Harry the Moron..

Dems in disarray over Obamacare…

No worries harry, itsa’ one size fits all thing..

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You still do NOT have the BALLS, GOP! “Apology”? Pfffllttt! Demand he RESIGN!

GOP DEMANDS APOLOGY Reid claims all ObamaCare ‘horror stories’ are untrue

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Damn Straight, Senator Scott! As someone we know said: ‘punch back twice as hard’..

Tim Scott Hits Back Against Bigoted NAACP Leader by  Katie Pavlich


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Proof positive, that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Rand is weirding out like Daddy. Don’t grind on Clinton, grind on the PROBLEMS facing Our Nation!

Rand Paul demands Democrats return money raised by ‘sexual predator’ Bill Clinton – Washington Times   times

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This MORON, I know, I know mormon, but NOT HARRY, use to be a Boxer, but now, he’s one of those BARKY Little Shits Yu. This piece of fecal matter, dishonors Mormonism..

As Iran Sanctions Bill Stalls, HuffPo Celebrates

News emerged Thursday that the Kirk-Menendez bill, which would apply new sanctions to Iran if the nuclear deal falls through, had stalled in the Senate. President Barack Obama vowed in his State of the Union address that he would veto the bill, even though it had 59 co-sponsors and was rumored to have some 77 votes–a veto-proof majority–lined up. Democrats began getting cold feet, and Majority Leader Harry Reid is blocking a vote.

Always REMEMBER the TRUE RACIST harry is:

“light skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”

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McCain IS hanoi’ing Isn’t He?

Arizona GOP Censures Sen. John McCain for Supporting Issues ‘Associated With Liberal Democrats’

Jan. 25, 2014 5:58pm
via TheBlaze

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Get Hell, harry. Oops, well..

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., hospitalized after not feeling well; remaining in hospital for observation – @SenatorReid

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One of many parasites in the halls of congress. Mitt Romney IS a MORMON, Harry Reid IS a MORON!

Harry just adores living off of taxpayer dollars, so, to make sure those in Nevada keep him, the parasite that he is, he graces them.


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