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Self Explanatory UPDATE:

NEWS FROM SCIENCE: Breasts Make Life Better.

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al sharpy says dis is racis..

Study suggests early universe populated by many black holes


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Inside the ‘body farm’ where corpses are left outside to decompose for forensic researchers to study..

Video: University of Tennessee Body Farm

Site in Knoxville, Tennessee, allows CSI teams to replicate murder scenes. Up to 190 remains are littered through the woodland hills at any one time

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Tickled for JB. The rest of the story, How about WE get busy and find an answer to this “fatal form”, God Damn It!


Boy With Fatal Disease Gets to Be Part of the Team

JB Harvey, 5, cannot play sports, but gets wish when named ‘permanent’ member of Boston College football..

JB, a 5-year-old from Massachusetts, is one of the newest members of the Boston College football team. A month ago, assistant coach Mike Sirvano introduced him to the rest of the Division 1 team as an honorary and permanent team member, the Boston College Chronicle reported.

JB suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a fatal form of the disease.  Because of his condition, he is unable to play most sports – including football, his favorite.

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Wow! Is this ever going to piss off, most people that know me..

Autumn babies more likely to live to 100

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The Queen of Spades card has led scientists to a new evolutionary hypothesis. Credit: ASM..


Queen of Spades Key to New Evolutionary Hypothesis

Image of a Queen of Spades card.


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