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“How the House budget chairman developed his premium-support concept, which was originally supported by Democrats. It’s the only plan that won’t send grandma over a cliff”.

The forgotten history of Ryan’s Medicare reform 

Wall Street Journal By JOSEPH RAGO via

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This cast is friggin’ hilarious..


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Evidently, this female(?).. doesn’t watch the tube. But the why let Leftist leanings get in her()? way..

I would say, Paul Ryan is galaxies better then the doofus that heads this nation NOW! Case in point, the post below. Color Egypt Gone.

Catalina Camia / USA Today:

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The “Hope” IS “Change”..


@datakcy: At Romney/Ryan rally in NC: overflow crowd. Arena full. Cars backed up for miles!



@GayPatriot: All these people back into the trees are listening to ‪@PaulRyanVP on outside speakers. Wow.



@SarahPompei: You’d think a boy band walked into thousands of teenage girls. Nope.



Attendees tweeted pictures from the rally, which had enormous lines backed up around the block:

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Ryan’s Medicare plan dominates Sunday talk shows..

USA Today

“It is a pick that is meant to thrill the most strident voices in the Republican Party, but it’s one that should trouble everyone else,” Axelrod said on ABC about Ryan. “He’s the guy who’s the architect of a plan to end Medicare as we know it and turn it into a voucher program and ship thousands of dollars of costs onto senior citizens.”

Things got heated over on CBS, where Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom and Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter often interrupted each other during the discussion on Face the Nation.

Fehrnstrom charged that Obama’s campaign has been mired in negative campaigning, saying the Democrats have offered “50 shades of mud” to voters. Cutter argued that criticism of Ryan’s Medicare plan is not negative campaigning.

“It would be the end of Medicare as we know it,”Cutter said.

Both Axlerod and Cutter KNOW these two points below, YET, CRICKETS. They are B.S. Alinsky Boy Puppets.

Ryan’s Medicare plan would allow those 55 and younger to opt out of the government-run health insurance program and purchase private insurance with a federal subsidy. His proposal would not change the way Medicare would work for seniors currently enrolled in the program.

Ryan also has a different Medicare plan that he crafted with Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and introduced in December. The key difference is that it would give seniors the choice of staying in Medicare as it is currently configured or getting health insurance through private companies.

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Must See! Thanks go to reader Tim..

Professor J @ Legal Insurrection: This is what 2012 looks like — lines around the block at Romney-Ryan rally in High Point, NC



This Team is Big Fail!

This Team is Big Fail!    morlock


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“women” defined in the simmons dictionary: HO’s. You certainly don’t mean females such as Mia Love or Condi Rice. “gays”: Black Pastors Demand President Obama To Say No To Gay Marriages. “minorities”: You mean “dirty Asians” as one of your ilk stated or Hispanics like Ted Cruz, Marc Rubio or East Indians such as Bobby Jindal. Who/whom do you mean “our people”, russell?



Russell Simmons: Romney and Ryan ‘will destroy our people’

Simmons, who in the post calls himself “a proud supporter of the Occupy movement,” is the author of “Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All.” Def Jam Records, the business he didn’t build with co-founder Rick Rubin, and the Phat Farm clothing line have helped him amass a reported net worth of $340 million.

Russell Simmons


W/ ryan as vp choice women gays minorities & all undeserved and compassionate people now have clear direction 


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