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The entire globe should, no, make the MUST, approve of the Russian efforts..

Three Russian Ebola vaccines ready within six months: Moscow

Moscow (AFP) – Russia expects to produce three Ebola vaccines within the next six months, Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said on Saturday.


Well, let’s see now. Using that “intelligence”, could you not say that..

..The U.S. “created the conditions” for the rockets constantly being fired at the nation of Israel by a group of individuals with the made up name palestinians? You do have “intelligence” do you not? And by “intelligence” I mean, the gray matter that individuals have, or supposedly have, encased in their skulls!?

US intelligence says Russia created ‘conditions’ for downing of plane

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Vladimir, Get On The Goddamn Phone and tell this vermin that you CAN..

..make this part of Ukraine, uninhabitable. Furthermore, you WILL make it so, if they do not IMMEDIATELY CEASE! CEASE or DECEASED!



Train with bodies from Malaysian plane crash leaves station; destination unknown – @AP, @NoahSneider

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And later this calendar year the UN will bless barry its ‘highest honor’ for issuing his ‘Red Line’..

Syrian civil war

May 20, 2014, 11:11 AM GMT 2h

Russia will veto UN resolution to refer Syria war to International Criminal Court if it comes to a vote, deputy foreign minister says – Interfax via @Reuters

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Careful there NYT, you could lose all of your Walter Duranty awards..

New York Times:

Russia Didn’t Share All Details on Boston Bombing Suspect, Report Says 

I’m waitin’ ’til they blame GWB. You know THAT is
Russia Didn’t Share All Details on Boston Bombing Suspect, Report Says 
Russia Didn’t Share All Details on Boston Bombing Suspect, Report Says 

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Bu bu but barry says ‘they are just a regional power’

Russian rocket launches with American on board

So far, the tensions between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine have been kept at bay. Since the retirement of the U.S. shuttle fleet in 2011, NASA has relied on Russian Soyuz spacecraft as the only means to ferry crew to the orbiting outpost and back.

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Bu-But Barry cut that NASA stuffs, didn’t he? So umm, howz’ do we gets there?

..Oh Yeah, We ask our ‘friends’ in Russia! Vlad says, forget it BARRY!

A moon base? Now's the time

A moon base? Now’s the time

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From comments: “Those scary and absurd chickens are still roaming america today LOL!!!!”

Seems that this commenter, is familiar with the U.S. Left.

‘Scary & absurd Chicken from Hell’ roamed US millions of years ago

Russia Today

Carnegie Museum of Natural History.(AFP Photo / Jeff Swensen)

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