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Boner and his love affair with Barry begins..



Notice how THRILLED his Mrs. is. HEY MOOCHELLE, is what YOU are STUFFING YOUR MOUTH WITH, MEET YOUR ‘Let’s Starve Kids and ADULTS’ Agenda ?!

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This guy is the best democrat money can buy. barry is so proud of you BONER..



Hey Fat Ass RINO..

..You blew any fucking chance you had, FIRST, when all cuddly with Barry, secondly..your fuckin’ BRIDGE THINGY. Here I thought you were a prosecutor, nahh, you a PROSITUTER.


Atlantic City bet another challenge for 2016 run…

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Well Barry thinks AND all those pushing for it that these individuals will make FINE INSTANT U.S. Citizens, so there..

TX Border Bust: Grenades, assault weapons, cocaine, $650,000…

Hey ERICH, that Faster and MORE Furious is coming along just fine and dandy! I’d suggest that the NEXT time YOU take over an institution, you latch onto some of this stuff! You must be so proud.

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Another NY Idiot That Must Eat His Pizza With A Knife and Fork!

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Who knew that Wendy Davis moved from Texas to North Carolina? With “republicans” such as, we don’t need no stinkin’ democrats..

Ellmers Berates Constituents for Opposing Amnesty: ‘You Don’t Have Any Damn Facts!’

In a constituent meeting gone awry that was captured on shaky, amateur video, embattled Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) berated a group of local activists who oppose amnesty legislation, suggesting they were racist and saying they didn’t have “any damn facts.” by Tony Lee

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I’m “Embarrassed and Disappointed” because the best parts of you, were left in Vietnam..

McCain: I’m Embarrassed and Disappointed by My Republican Colleagues’ Ukraine Crisis Response

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Oh Please McCain. Although one thing is for sure now, YOU are the dumbest..

McCain: Obama smartest man in the room

 By Kyle Balluck

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